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Detroit Auto Show & Steam Cleaning: Second to None

Detroit Auto Show & Steam Cleaning: Second to None

Detroit Auto Show & Steam Cleaning: Second to None

The must see premier car event is happening this month in the Motor City. New York, Los Angeles and Chicago also hold notable auto shows, but they do not compare to the Motor City. What makes the North American International Auto Show stand out from the rest is the top-notch display of advanced concept cars and extravagant new vehicles for all to dream about. The Big Three (Chrysler, Ford and GM) along with international auto manufacturers use this event as a stage for US and World debut. The family friendly atmosphere brings out lots of people of all ages and walks of life. The Detroit Auto Show has a cultivating environment that is viewed by thousands and thousands of spectators annually.

Spectators at the Motor City auto show will touch more car handles in a day then they will probably touch all year long. What most fail to realize is the unwanted guests that are lurking on door handles, steering wheels and practically everywhere in interior of the car. These unwanted guests are germs. These un-invited passengers are commonly spread by hand contact. Along with the Auto Show, the month of January brings frigid chilling weather along with running noses and sore throat coughing. Many young children are still learning the correct way to cover their little noses and mouths when sneezing or coughing, which leads to the spread of germs. But, there is a solution to the spread of germs all about the Detroit Auto Show. Steam cleaning door handles, steering wheels and the entire interior of each and every car.

DetailXPerts is the world’s first eco-friendly car wash franchise. They specialize in steam cleaning the interior of cars, trucks, charter buses, and even aircrafts. They are portable and mobile, so they can bring the auto spa to you – it’s a perfect fit for the Detroit Auto Show in the Cobo Arena. DetailXPerts’ patent-pending steam cleaning process was created by an eight year old. Perhaps he suspected that sanitizing and sterilizing the interior of cars at the Detroit Auto Show would be needed. Steam cleaning is a extremely effective method to kill germs and remove dirt with very little effort. DetailXPerts is perfect addition to the premier Detroit Auto Show.

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