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DetailXPerts Energy & Water Saving Tips

DetailXPerts Energy & Water Saving Tips

What’s not to love about spring? The sun brightens our days a little longer. Kids get to explore outdoors longer, too. As we appreciate the beauty that the natural world offers us, it’s only fair that we return the favor. This is why we need some energy and water saving tips.

Imagine this. One day you come out from your house and all you see is big puff of black smoke and no trees! All you hear are cars and no birds! All you smell is gasoline and no flowers! What kind of life would that be?

All we need to do to reduce the problem is simply be less wasteful. As we try to make the environment a better place for the ones who are to follow after us and to really make a positive impact, you need both to make an effort as individuals and as a culture. In most cases you do not have to change your lifestyle radically to make an impact on the environment.

7 Easy and Practical Energy and Water Saving Tips

1. Use Ceiling Fans to Cool off in the Summer

If you use ceiling fans during the hot summer days, you can create a cooling effect similar to “wind chill.” A few ceilings strategically placed in your home can reduce the amount of time spent with the air conditioning on.

2. Consider Switching to a Low-flow Toilet

According to the U.S Government Protection Agency, about 41% of our indoor water use in the house goes towards flushing the toilet and 33% goes to bathing. If you do not switch to low-flush toilet, you can also use low-tech methods like putting a brick or a small milk jug in the tank to reduce water use. You could also take this sage advice, “If you pee, leave it be, if you stain, pull the chain!”

3. Fix Water Leaks in the Bathroom, Kitchen, Landscape etc.

The tiny leaks that you have been meaning to fix inside your house and in your landscape is water loss that adds up over time and can cost you big money. Not to mention all the wasted water. Help protect our freshwater resources and save money by fixing those leaks!

4. Go “Mostly Organic” in Your Lawn and Garden

Using organic gardening products and techniques is a great way to reduce your impact on the environment. By going mostly organic in your garden, you will help reduce harmful waste water runoff and create a healthier place for your pets and children to play.

5. Use Drip Irrigation Systems

Drip irrigation systems are designed to deliver water directly to your plants, with minimal waste. Drip irrigation systems are around 90% efficient, where as traditional sprinkle systems are around 50-70% efficient.

6. Use a Low flow Shower Head

Technologies have improved so you can enjoy a high pressure shower while saving water at the same time! Another benefit is with a low-flow shower head, you will not only save money, you will also save energy.

7. Invest in Solar Energy

There are many ways to invest in solar energy. However, there are lots of inexpensive solar gadgets out there you can try out. For example, solar powered landscaping lights can help you reduce how much energy you get form the “grid.”

With the world becoming more aware of how important and precious our environment is, it has become clear that within every industry, environmental services (like water saving tips) need to be put into practice. The founder of DetailXPerts, Emmanuel Williams, is well aware that water may one day become scarce and it is vital to save every last bit that we have. This is why he invented an environmental sensitive, patent pending, steam cleaning professional detailing service. There is no harsh chemical used on the vehicles which keeps the clients coming back. The CEO of DetailXPerts is shifting the car wash industry to make everyone aware of car wash water wastage.

DetailXPerts encourages their loyal clients to live an eco-friendly life by giving them the Green Rewards Program. It is our way of saying THANK YOU for following our water saving tips, protecting the environment and using our professional detailing service. Talk to your Team Green Representative or call 877.317.9737 for additional program information.


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