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How Hand Car Wash Is a Superior Way to Maintain Your Vehicle Clean [Infographic]

How Hand Car Wash Is a Superior Way to Maintain Your Vehicle Clean Infographic

How Hand Car Wash Is a Superior Way to Maintain Your Vehicle Clean [Infographic]

Maintaining your car’s cleanliness on a regular basis helps prolong its life, preserves its beauty, enhances its functionality, and keeps you and your passengers safe and healthy. This is why despite several economic downturns, the car wash industry continues to flourish. But you might wonder why, even when automatic car washes, laser car washes, and fancy car cleaners dominate the scene, the hand car wash method has stayed, and is actually gaining more popularity nowadays.

Why Use Hand Car Wash?

But why should you go for a hand car wash? What does it offer that other methods don’t?

Let this infographic show you how.

1. Removes all contaminants

Hand car wash reaches all corners of your vehicle – even hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. This leaves you with a vehicle that’s totally clean, inside and out.

2. Sanitizes interior

Of course, a clean, sanitized vehicle interior keeps harmful microorganisms away, thus protecting you and your passengers from contracting diseases brought about by germs and bacteria. And yes, sanitizing leaves your vehicle smelling fresh longer. No need for strong perfumes that can pose hazards to your health.

3. Helps detect vehicle issues

And since hand car wash can help you or your detailer identify vehicle issues early on, accidents can be prevented. Your headlights will function properly, allowing you to be seen by other vehicles even on dim, snowy evenings. Your engine will run properly, so there’s no risk of engine fires.

4. Saves fuel

Did you know that dirty cars consume more fuel? Mythbusters did an experiment that led them to conclude that a clean car increases fuel efficiency.

5. Protects the environment

When you use hand car wash, you’ll be part of something great! You’ll prevent harsh chemicals from polluting the soil, storm drains, surface water and groundwater. This will help protect marine life, ensuring that your children’s children will still taste fish and other seafood that oceans, seas, and rivers can offer.

6. Saves water

Automated car washes consume an average of 52 gallons of water per cleaning. Not when you hand wash your car using the two-bucket method. For max water savings, use steam cleaning.

7. Protects car paint

Unlike automated car washes that subject vehicles to gigantic, stiff brushes, hand car wash does not. So the chances of paint swirls and scratches go down to a minimum.

8. Generates jobs

Hand car wash relies on manual labor. Thus, the more you try the service, the more job opportunities become available to the unemployed. Wouldn’t you feel great with the knowledge that in your own small way, you’re helping solve unemployment and ultimately, alleviate poverty?

Yes, hand car wash has more than just cleaning to offer. It can protect you, your vehicle and the environment and also provide jobs to those in need.

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