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CQuartz Finest – Auto Detailing Supplies Review

CQuartz Finest - Auto Detailing Supplies Review

CQuartz Finest – Auto Detailing Supplies Review

As a car owner, one of your priorities is protecting the finish of your car, maintaining its glossy, unharmed condition as when you first got it from the dealership. It can be frustrating how unavoidable elements such as rain and dust can contaminate your car’s paint and how washing, which is supposed to rid your car of these contaminants, can cause swirl marks and scratches. Thanks to the advancement of technology, glass coatings now allow cars to be protected from many harsh elements and contaminants while maintaining its rich glossy finish. CQuartz Finest (CQ Finest) is a leader in nanotechnology of paint coatings and is the most exclusive product for the protection of automotive surface in the world, meaning only authorized car detailers are allowed to install it.

CQuartz Finest: A Review

What is CQuartz Finest?

CQuartz Finest, under the CarPro brand, is a ceramic paint coating that boasts of its exclusive nanotechnology, supported by thorough scientific research. Compared to sealant with thickness of about 0.5 microns (µm) and wax with somewhere between 0.5 and 0.75µm; CQ Finest, made up of condensed silicone dioxide, measures 3µm thick. While wax and sealant just lays on top of the paint layer when applied, the nanotechnology in CQ Finest allows it to bond with the paint, providing protection that is durable and long-standing (over two years).

What makes CQuartz Finest stand out?

 1. Ultimate protection

The 3µm coating acts as a protective shield that preserves the quality of your car’s paint. This effectively makes your car surface resistant to the following harmful conditions:

  • Water spots – CQ Finest is waterproof, so water slides off.
  • Dust and dirt – Dust sticks to wax and sealant and accumulates over time, leaving your car looking dull and requiring you to wash it often. With CQ Finest, retention of dust is lowered by up to 90%.
  • Bugs and bird droppings – Moving or parked, your car is never safe from getting hit or bombed by animal matter. These may contain acid and other toxic substances that penetrates deep into your car’s paint and etches the clearcoat. CQ Finest avoids the permanent damage caused by these substances.
  • Fine scratches and swirl – These fine scratches created by dust that clings to the wipe used to wash your car makes the surface dull. The protective barrier CQuartz Finest provides has been tested to resist fine swirls leaving your car’s coat shiny and glossy for longer.
  • Extreme temperature – Your car’s surface becomes exceptionally resistant to low and high temperatures (beyond 1000?F)
  • Ultraviolet radiation

2. Exclusivity

You can only have CQ Finest installed on your car by an installer authorized by CarPro. They have mastered the process of paint correction and proper application of the coating.

How is it applied?

Preparation for the installation involves paint correction – washing, decontaminating, paint analysis and polishing. This ensures that the paint is in its best glossy condition before the application of the coating. Complete removal of polishing oils is next to ensure that the CQ Finest will bond fully with the paint. After that, 2 layers of CQ Finest is applied and is left to cure.

How effective is it?

CarPro offers a warranty stating that in over 2 years, you can expect very minimal reduction in gloss (no more than 20%) and no significant damage such as bubbling, peeling, discoloration and chemical damage. As for maintenance, choosing the right products and tools for cleaning, drying and buffing the polish is important to make sure they are compatible with the installed coating.

What’s CQuartz Finest price?

Installation cost usually depends the car to be serviced, but can be estimated to be around $1600 and above. The service includes paint correction and the installation of the coating. There is the option to have additional layers of CQ Finest applied on the paint, and coating of other surfaces such as the wheels, windshield, and interior.

Where to buy CQuartz Finest?

There are a lot of authorized installers all over the world. If you’re interested in having this top-of-the-line automotive protection coating installed on your car, schedule an appointment for a professional detailing with DetailXPerts today!


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