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Applying Car Paint Protection Film in 10 Steps

Applying Car Paint Protection Film in 10 Steps

Applying Car Paint Protection Film in 10 Steps

The proper application of car paint protection film is essential in maintaining your car’s beauty and durability. Want to know how to do it safely and surely? Read on.

10 Steps to a Beautiful Car Paint Protection Film Application

Basically, there are two types of car paint protection film application: wet and dry. In this post, we will be dealing with the wet application. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to apply paint protection film without damaging your car:

  1. Ensure the removal of all dust, bugs, tar or oil stains from your car’s exterior. This is to eliminate the possibility of debris or other unwanted objects from getting caught between the film and your car’s surface; any of these contaminants will directly affect the appearance of your project. For best results, why don’t you steam clean your car exterior in 5 easy steps?
  2. Car paint protection film application must be applied with speed and accuracy to avoid blistering. This is why all the materials that you are going to use must be within arm’s reach – the film, dish washing solution, cloth mitts and auto detailing supplies needed for this project.
  3. Wet your hands with the solution. This is to prevent the powerful adhesives of the paint protection film (PPF) from sticking to your fingers. Yes, you may get rid of the gluey feeling after the application but your PPF will not – your fingerprints will remain stuck to your car’s surface for a long time.
  4. On a clean work table, lay out the PPF, with the liner side facing you. Remove the liner and apply the solution to the exposed adhesive. You should also apply the same solution to the surface where you will install the car paint protection film.
  5. Carefully slide the film to the area you wish to apply it to. The sliding action is to prevent air from being trapped between the film and your car’s surface.
  6. Get the squeegee and use it to flatten the film. Use overlapping strokes to ensure that all the remaining solution is removed. Do you notice any bubbles? You can resolve this by pushing the squeegee rapidly and directing it towards the edges.
  7. Wipe the surface with dry cloth mitts to smoothen it out and to remove any excess liquid.
  8. Check your project for any sign of blistering. If there are any, use a needle or pin to puncture it.
  9. Run the squeegee along the edges and corners for total adhesion.
  10. Let it dry completely for a maximum drying time of 48 hours.

Additional Tips:

Always wet your hands with the dishwashing solution to ensure a more effective application.

If the car paint protection film seems difficult to apply, lift it up and spray a little alcohol solution to remove the traces of dishwashing solution. You can make an alcohol solution by filling a small spray bottle with ¾ water and ¼ rubbing alcohol.

This is how to apply car paint protection film. Try it and let us know how it works for you.

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