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Your Complete Car Maintenance Checklist for Fall

Complete Car Maintenance Checklist for Fall

Your Complete Car Maintenance Checklist for Fall

As we begin to transition to autumn, it is of great importance to prepare your vehicle for the switch in seasons, too. Unpredictable and changing weather may have a hot sunny day followed by hard rain on the next one. Either way, your automobile needs to be ready to deal with both and gradually step into the challenges that winter will start bringing up. Therefore, we assembled the complete car maintenance checklist below to help you get your ride ready.

Some of the car maintenance checklist items are no brainers. If you know your way around your vehicle, you should be able to check them off quickly by yourself. For more complicated tasks you may need to turn to a specialized auto repair center. Still others, like thorough car interior detailing, you may simply prefer to delegate to professionals to save yourself some quality time.

Car Maintenance Checklist for Fall

1. AC / Heating System Check

Test your cooling and heating system to ensure your vehicle will perform to its best capability in both scenarios. Check for leaks or anything that might be blocking the airways. Perhaps your car AC vents need some steam cleaning? Make sure you attend to these and any other needs. You will be glad you did when the temperatures fall and your car’s radiator quickly warms you up.

2. Change or Top off the Fluids

There are 6 important fluids in your car that you need to check on a regular basis. These are the transmission fluid, break fluid, windshield wiper fluid,  coolant or radiator fluid, power-steering fluid, and the motor oil. Check their levels and some some if necessary. When adding or changing a fluid, choose a solvent that’s suitable for the season and upcoming colder weather.

When it comes to the motor oil, you might also want to refer to your owner’s manual. It will tell you when the car is due for oil change. Never miss a date. Otherwise, you risk blocking the engine and seeing a huge auto repair bill. We cannot stress enough how important this car maintenance checklist point is, so be sure to attend to it in a timely manner.

3. Is Tire Pressure Part of the Car Maintenance Checklist?

It sure is! Checking and adhering to the recommended tire pressure for your automobile is indeed important. It may save you money on fuel and tire changes. Additionally, it will help you enjoy driving a car that performs to the best of its abilities.

If you have a tire pressure gauge in your garage, you can check the tire pressure yourself. Also, you can do it at the gas station as most of them offer the tool for free use. Alternatively, you can ask your local auto center to do it for you.

4. Brighten up the Headlights

Days are longer in spring and summer. Hence, we tend to use the car headlights a bit less during these seasons. However, as fall and winter approach, headlights will play an increasingly important role in keeping safe on the road. This is why we recommend that you focus on cleaning your car headlights and ensuring excellent vision in the dark.

5. Change the Wipers

In addition to changing or topping off the wiper fluid (see p. 2 above) you also need to check the wiper blades. Are they working properly or they smear the windshield? Do they make full contact with the glass? Have they accumulated dust, sand, or other particles that may harm the windshield? If you are not happy with how your wipers work, you should immediately replace them. In fact, experts say that wiper blades need change once a year regardless of how they seem to perform at the moment. This ensures that the rubber is always fresh, flexible and able to clean the windshield properly. Besides, they are quite affordable, so replacing them annually should not be such a big issue.

6. Car Maintenance Checklist for the Battery

It is somewhat easier to provide quality car care in summer. However, cooler months tend to put more pressure on vehicles. If you don’t want to find yourself left out in the cold because of a dead battery, we recommend that you have it checked now. For most accurate results, consult with your trusted auto repair shop.

7. Detailing and Sanitization

At first glance, it might be surprising to see detailing and sanitization as car maintenance checklist items. Still, these two can contribute tremendously to keeping your vehicle in top shape. What’s more, doing this for better car maintenance will actually help you and your passengers stay healthy and safe. It’s because complete car sanitization can kill 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, and other germs lurking in your car and threatening your health. In today’s world, this has become more of a necessity rather than a luxury.

On the other hand, steam detailing can rejuvenate both the exterior and interior of the vehicle. For example, steam cleaning the engine bay removes anything that might hinder the engine’s proper work. Furthermore, tire detailing helps detect issues like small stones or nails embedded between the tire ridges that can cause serious problems. Therefore, keep detailing and sanitization on your car maintenance checklist and you won’t regret it.


Car care experts suggest running auto preventive maintenance checks at least twice a year in-between season changes. With our car maintenance checklist you now have a list of the must do’s that you or your trusted service providers need to adhere to. To make things even easier for you, our professional mobile detailers can take care of most, if not all, checklist items. In the meantime, you can enjoy being with your family or practicing your hobby. Simply book your appointment and we’ll come to you.

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