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Winter Car Care: How to Wash Your Car in Winter?

Cold Weather Car Care: How to Wash Your Car in Winter?

Winter Car Care: How to Wash Your Car in Winter?

The intense weather that comes with late fall and winter can damage your car both inside and out. To keep your car in top condition, it needs some tender loving winter car care. And of course, it will keep your occupants safe and sound during road trips too.

Tips on Winter Car Care

Salt, snow, dirt and debris can adhere to the car’s paint and enamel. So, it is important to wash and dry your car regularly and thoroughly in the winter months. Using a clay bar for removing contaminants from the surface is recommended.

The best kind of winter car care is the Great White Winter Wash. It’s the traditional two-bucket wash with a twist. One bucket has soap, the other has water. It might be inconvenient to do this during winter, with the biting cold weather. But it will definitely keep your car safe from the havoc that the freezing weather brings.

Care for the Underbody

Salt and sludge can easily get into the car’s underbody. This can damage the gas tank, mufflers and other mettalic parts of your car. Head out to an automated car wash and opt for an underbody washing option. Better yet, have it steam cleaned.

If you are looking for a great way to protect your car from road salt, then you must consider waxing. This will act as a barrier against salt and debris. The best way to do it is to apply a good coat of wax in the fall then follow up with a mid-winter application.

To keep salt and snow away from your car’s interior during the winter, get winter floor mats. These contain rubber trenches that trap both the salt and melted snow and prevent carpet damage.


Winter car care is very important to lengthen the life and maintain the beauty of your prized possession. Professional detailing services can help you to prepare your car for the intense weather.

If, by chance, you can’t perform cold weather car care, you can book an appointment with us. We can give your ride the TLC it deserves.


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