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How to Clean Dirt Bike Air Filter

How to Clean Dirt Bike Air Filter

How to Clean Dirt Bike Air Filter

You might be surprised to learn that your so-called dirt bike doesn’t really love dirt. After every hard ride, it’s imperative for you to clean your bike from top to bottom. Occasionally, you would also need to perform more meticulous tasks, such as cleaning the dirt bike air filter. It’s the little things that go a long way when it comes to prolonging the productivity of your wheeled toy, so you must pay attention to them if you want to keep riding again and again.

Why is a Clean air Filter Important?

Everyone seems to have their own recommended method and frequency of cleaning their dirt bike air filters. Whatever your personal preference may be, your primary consideration should be the conditions in which you ride your bike in. Is the terrain you drive in truly dirty and muddy with big potholes every few meters? Or is it more of a smooth race track, with only sharp turns as challenges? The harsher the conditions, the more frequently you should clean the dirt bike air filter. The wisest way to go about it is to check your air filter after every ride to determine if it is in need of thorough cleansing or even replacement.

Your air filter ensures that your carburettor and engines work properly. A dirty or clogged filter will significantly affect your bike’s performance. Dirt and debris can also wear down the internal moving components of your bike, such as the rings and pistons.

The Process Employed to Clean Your Dirt Bike Air Filter

Cleaning the dirt bike air filter is so easy that even a beginner can perform it without encountering any problems. You will need the following:

  • Socket
  • Ratchet
  • Bike stand
  • Clean rags
  • Warm water
  • Your choice of cleanser
  • Silicone grease
  • Air filter oil
  • Gloves
  • Brush
  • New air filter (if needed)

This is a rather dirty job, so make sure that you’re wearing gloves before you proceed.

Start by opening the airbox under the bike seat with the help of a socket or a combination wrench. Watch out for small pebbles or loose sand sitting on top of the filter—you don’t want them falling into the intake while you remove the filter.

Now lift the air filter and take it out of the plastic support cage, making sure handle the cage gently to preserve a perfect seal when you put things back in. Use a strong flow of warm water (or cold water, if that’s what you prefer because your bike is fitted with a cotton filter) to clean the filter as best as you can. Shake and squeeze out the filter, but give it time to dry completely.

Next, wipe the airbox using a clean rag soaked in a little warm water. Depending on the amount of dirt that has accumulated inside, you might need to use a brush to effectively scrub away the dirt. Once it is clean, dab some grease to the filter flange to prevent sand and dirt from funnelling into the intake tube. Finally, apply filter oil and then replace everything inside the airbox.

Pretty easy, right? Cleaning your dirt bike air filter does not have to be such a big chore. A ten to fifteen minute check up should be worth keeping your bike for a long time.


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