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Ceramic Paint Protection – 5 Products for Best Results

5 Products for Ceramic Paint Protection

Ceramic Paint Protection – 5 Products for Best Results

Contrary to what some car owners believe, wax and sealants cannot provide complete protection to car paint. If long-lasting coating is what you’re after, then ceramic paint protection might be the best option for you.

What Is Ceramic Paint Protection?

Ceramic paint protection or coating is a semi-permanent to permanent form of nano-coating. It coats the surface of the paint and bonds with it tightly. This makes the vehicle’s surface virtually impermeable, blocking debris like soil, dirt, or mud that would usually create scratches on your vehicle.

Most Popular Ceramic Paint Protection Products to Consider

Opti-Coat Pro+

Opti-Coat is popular for its extreme quality and durability, making it one of the leading ceramic coat brands in the market. It costs more than other brands but comes with a 7-year warranty. Additionally, this ceramic coating lasts longer than rival products. Many competitors of Opti-Coat offer a lower quality product without a warranty of any sort. Other brands require reapplication every so often, and some may even require the reapplying of wax regularly.

Opti-Coat Pro+ offers resistance against scratching, chemical etching, and fading to UV rays. The products boasts of its ability to add a glossy shine and slickness to your car’s paint for long-term protection. Furthermore, this product also contains anti-water spotting and hydrophobic properties, to keep your vehicle’s finish unchanged.

CQuartz Finest

CQuartz Finest by CarPro is a form of ceramic paint protection that prides itself on its exclusive nanotechnology. This solution is made of condensed silicone dioxide that is approximately 3 microns thick. This product bonds with car paint, giving it long lasting durable protection. It has a 2-year warranty.

The product offers a protective shield that preserves the quality of your vehicle’s paint. Unlike waxes and sealants, dust and dirt do not stick to CQuartz Finest. It also prevents scratches, swirls, and chemical etching that comes from bird droppings, tree sap, and bugs. Lastly, it protects your car from UV rays and extreme heat from the sun. The product, however, is only available at authorized CarPro installers.

Other Products

Ceramic Pro 9H

Ceramic Pro is a company that creates products to achieve the highest results in each paint protection test. Their product Ceramic Pro 9H forms a permanent bond with a car’s surface so it will not wash off or break down. The ceramic paint protection creates a barrier that has a scratch resistance above 9H. It can also be applied in multiple layers, creating a thicker coat for improved scratch resistance.

Ceramic Pro 9H has a longevity of up to 30 years. It protects your car from several forms of water damage, thanks to its super-hydrophobic solution. Its weather and UV resistance feature protects the paint from harsh weather and sunlight with a thermal resistance of up to 2192°F. Additionally, it has advanced chemical and oxidation resistance to protect your car from chemical etching and rusting. Lastly, it gives your car a nice high gloss finish.

Ceramic Pro Strong

This industrial product works great on painted surfaces or vehicles where protection is more important than the gloss finish. It has similar properties to the 9H including longevity, scratch resistance, and oxidation resistant. take note that this product creates a thicker layer once applied and has thermal resistance up to 3992 °F. It is recommended for fleet trucks.

DIY Ceramic Paint Protection

Micro Detailer Intensity Ceramic Coating System Kit

This kit is for anyone who wants to try ceramic coating themselves. It uses a multi-layer coating for maximum durability. This creates a nanoparticle coating that should last up to 7 years. The coating is resistant to extreme weather conditions, bugs, and scratches. Once applied, it can only be removed by sanding. And like many other ceramic coatings, it leaves your paint with a gloss and water-repellent finish.

However, ceramic coating requires time and knowledge to successfully seal your vehicle. Most of the time, it is best left to the professionals. DetailXPerts is an eco-friendly auto detailing company that specializes in add-on services like ceramic coating.

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