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Winning Repeat Clients Through Simple and Effective Car Wash Customer Service

Winning Repeat Clients Through Simple and Effective Car Wash Customer Service

Wouldn’t you like to have customers who are as loyal to your car wash service as the Apple customers are to theirs? Yes, they pay premium prices for the products and services and yet, remain die-hard fans. Most small to medium size businesses do not have the deep pockets of those big players. However, if you invest in mastering the art of car wash customer service, and, train up your team to roll out its best practices, you too will be well on your way to building your very own community of repeat and dedicated clients.

Car Wash Customer Service: What Works?

Car Wash Customer Service at the Personal Level

From the moment they make contact with the client, your representatives should be well-trained in how to break the ice and build a warm and welcoming rapport.

Anyone would gravitate towards staff who greets you with an enthusiastic, “Good morning, how can we help you today?” over one who avoids eye contact altogether. It is not just about services, it has to do with lasting impressions, lasting relationships being built – one small block at a time, all the time.

Car Wash Customer Service – Where Services Are Concerned

Service friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives are a must. They need to be well-trained and knowledgeable about the services provided by the car wash business and other related subject areas. Consider cross-training your staff to service aspects which they normally do not undertake, such as waxing, polishing or interior detailing. The more they know, the better they are able to engage with your customers in a clear, intelligent and informed manner.

Be constantly on the lookout for ways to improve your service offerings, can they be done faster, are your customers in need of more specialized services, more convenient hours or a lower price. Will value packages entice them to come in more regularly? Customers’ tastes and preferences are constantly updated, so it pays to keep in tune and at the forefront of their prevailing habits.

The Proactive Side of Car Wash Customer Service

Indirectly a car wash customer service team has to be intuitive to their customers’ needs and concerns and take proactive steps to address them at every opportunity.

Suppose one of your customers asks if you could urgently wash his car within half the time frame it normally takes, would you oblige? For starters, do not just slam the door in their face by saying “No”.

If he or she is a regular customer, you definitely do not want to disappoint them but it also depends on if the schedules are already booked up.

In either case, you want to keep them informed of your progress in trying your best to accommodate their non-standard request. As long as they know you cared enough to try to fulfill their request, their disappointment will be less intense and they may appreciate your work ethics even more.

As a result, a mere business exchange will have developed into a personal interaction.

Set the Bar Higher

Convenience, efficiency and consistent quality of service are probably some of the other qualities that draw your repeat custom to your favorite airlines, restaurants, hotels etc. To build similar winning, extraordinary experiences for your clients, check where your business is at, then set the bar higher and work at improving all aspects of that experience.

From the moment your client steps into your shop to the point they leave with their washed vehicles, they must have had the best ever service that makes them want to come back. Better still, if they share it with their family, friends and colleagues. If you treat them well, these same clients will not only rally around when the going is good, you will find them supportive even when times are lean.

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