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Car Wash Business Plan: 7 Tips on Writing Your Vision and Mission Statements

Car wash business plan statements

Car Wash Business Plan: 7 Tips on Writing Your Vision and Mission Statements

In order for your car wash business plan statements to effectively guide you towards success, it has to have clear and concise vision and mission statements. You cannot just copy generic ones from somewhere. If you want your car wash business to succeed, your vision and mission statements should be well thought out and well-written. These are your tools in aligning your employees, processes and services towards a successful future. When you define your vision and mission car wash business statements, you ensure engaged and productive employees because these make them aware of their contributions towards the accomplishment of your goals. How should you write these statements? Below are some tips.

7 Tips on How to Write Effective Vision and Mission Statements for Your Business Plan

1. Read up on Vision and Mission Statements

The first step is to prepare for the task of putting together your vision and mission statements. They are a very crucial part of your car wash business plan. Do your research and read up books on business management, strategic plans and business plans. So you have an idea of what you are about to do, find samples of vision and mission statements. Check out the vision and mission statements of successful companies. This will be a good preparation for the task ahead of you.

2. Understand What Vision and Mission Statements Are

Naturally, you have to know what you are working on before you start writing the vision and mission statements of your car wash business plan. A lot of organizations use vision and mission statements interchangeably. A poorly written vision or mission statement is almost like not having one at all. So to be certain that you are doing the right thing. Know the difference! defines a vision statement  as a statement “that focuses on the potential inherent in the company’s future, or what they intend to be”. While your mission statement is how you intend to go about achieving your vision. Your mission statement thus, has a distinctive focus because it carries your aspirations, inspiration and motivation.

3. Start with Your Vision Statement

Some organizations start with their mission statement before working on their vision statement. They identify their mission and extract the human value and deeper meaning and use it to create their vision statement. According to, established organizations do this because they already have established missions. However, for a start up like your car wash business, it is best to start with formulating the vision statement in your car wash business plan. Start with a mental picture of your dream, your vision. Your vision statement will then be your guide in putting together your mission statement and your strategic plan.

4. Write Down Your Goals and Objectives

You should definitely know what your car wash business’ purpose is. You may have a lot of ideas in your head. It can get confusing. You may end up with vague and broad vision and mission statements. The best way to avoid this is to first write down everything you have in your mind. To help you out, here are questions to guide you in processing your ideas on paper.

Vision Statement recommends you to write detailed answers to the following questions when writing your vision statement:

  • Who do you want your car wash business to help?
  • What is the purpose of your car wash business?
  • How can your car wash business make the world a better place?
  • What problems will your car wash business solve?
  • What is the ultimate aim of your car wash business?

Mission Statement

On the other hand, suggests these four essential questions that your car wash business’ mission statement should answer:

  • What does your car wash do?
  • How does your car wash do it?
  • Whom does your car wash do it for?
  • What value is your car wash bringing?

After answering all these questions, you will probably end up with a lot of things written down. Taper  this according to what you believe are the most important goals that you want to achieve for your car wash. According to About Money of, one needs to choose the most important and use it to shape the vision and mission statements. Simon Sinek, book author and visionary, recommends that you leave out what you sell in your vision statement. Your vision statement should give a clear picture of your hopes for your car wash in the long term, not what you have to do in order to achieve it.

6. Be Clear and Concise

Avoid broad and vague vision and mission statements. Top Nonprofits advises that you keep your vision and mission statements clear and simple. Do not use complicated language and buzzwords so that it can be easily articulated by your employees and everyone involved. It is helpful that your vision and mission should be one-sentence statements.

7. Ask for Feedback

As always, a fresh set of eyes is useful for a sanity check. Ask your trusted and reliable employees to proofread your vision and mission statements. Solicit their feedback and be open to their suggestions. They will be working with you in achieving your vision and implementing your mission. Present your final output to your stakeholders. It is important that your vision and mission statements get their buy-in.


Following these tips will guide you in putting together effective vision and mission statements. Remember, you should have a time frame. Once you have achieved your vision, revisit your car wash business plan. Revise your statements to keep up with the times and your evolving market.

Creating the car wash business plan statements – the vision and the mission,  is a serious matter that any business owner has to spend time to develop. A car wash business owner has to do the same. You need to gather all information and tips as much as you can to make sure you have clear, concise and effective vision and mission statements. It is imperative you get insights from the car wash and auto detailing experts.

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