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Car Wash Marketing to Web Savvy Customers

Car Wash Marketing to Web Savvy Customers

Car Wash Marketing to Web Savvy Customers

In today’s competitive auto detailing business industry, car wash marketing should be specifically targeted. For a car wash business to remain on top, there should be a strategic marketing approach for every subgroup in your target market. One large demographic to consider is the growing number of web savvy customers. Continue reading and learn how to revise your car wash marketing to web savvy customers.

6 Tips to Align Your Car Wash Marketing to Web Savvy Customers

1. Make It Interesting

Make Your Car Wash Marketing Interesting

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Web savvy customers live in a world of multicultural differences, varied choices, and unlimited options. Your product or service should first catch their attention. In the same way, your blog or website should be interesting. Your articles should be catchy. Furthermore, they should sustain the interest of this group of market. Research what’s new in the market. Be creative and showcase the uniqueness of your brand via your car wash marketing to web savvy customers. Take a look at our ultimate car wash marketing guide for further help.

2. Use Logic as Guiding Principle

According to, none of the demographics in today’s customer base is as elusive as the tech-savvy customers. Tech-savvy customers are also known as “Logical Learners”. Thus, you have to lay out your brand as the most logical choice among all other options. This should be the core of your car wash marketing to web savvy customers strategy. Do away with the emotional ploys, false promises, bribe, or vague solutions to your customers’ issues.

Bottom line: Web-savvy customers will pick the most logical choice of all. Make sure your strategy is interesting and always be cautious that your copy has worth. This group of customers are smart shoppers. Instead of signs, buzzwords and the additional trimmings, they are looking for value.

Marketing to millennials (as this demographic group is also known) includes offering something of value to them. This strategy will make them love your service. Apart from the above mentioned requirement, the overall customer-brand relationship needs to be taken into consideration in the overall marketing strategy, too. Remember, for your car wash marketing to web savvy customers to work, it should picture your brand as the most logical and most practical among all the choices available in the market.

3. Create a Personalized Customer Experience

Create a Personalized Customer Experience

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It is a fact that most customers want a unique and pleasant experience with your business. All the more with web savvy customers.

According to the Entrepreneur, this technology savvy group wants to make sure that the company is paying attention to what they need. It is not enough that you acknowledge their issues. Make sure you follow through. Offer another option if one solution does not completely fix the problem. Lay out several variants and selections in your car wash menu. This will show your customers that you are considering the differences and the choices of this customer group. A personalized service will also entail a more “human” approach to your customers rather than canned or automatic replies. According to, you can offer short and helpful videos in your marketing materials. The video can use a more casual tone that customers can relate to instead of using jargon or more technical terms.

4. Be Consistent and Stay on Top of Things

Be consistent and on top of things

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There are 4 types of web savvy customers. One is the organic searcher, a product of your effective SEO campaign. The pay per click customer or the shopping around customers. The review site readers. They are getting services from you because your rating is trustworthy. Lastly, the groupon buyer, or one who patronizes the services due to coupons. These groups of customers can decide to stay or go depending on the experience they will have. When you adjust your car wash marketing to web savvy customers, you need to be consistent! Make sure you and your staff would be able to answer all the questions they ask about your services and products. This includes online questions, phone-in questions or even questions from walk-in customers who may have searched your name from the web. All your staff should have consistent answers.

Your social media page is very important in this aspect, too. It should be manned and monitored. If you use coupons, make sure you include promotional dates. You would not want your customers to be disappointed because you failed to inform them that the promotion has ended.

5. Keep Your Optimism

You may find it surprising that the author of the article 7 Habits of Web-Savvy Entrepreneurs suggests that your online network should have a positive personality. This will also reflect a positive brand and be in line with the times. Most brands want to connect with millennials by focusing on positivity. However, make the positive energy about your brand and what it can deliver. Don’t just use it to make people feel good. Remember that the web savvy customer is interested not only in positivity, but also in authenticity.

6. Focus on Action

Adweek says that millennials and web savvy customers are action-oriented. They are expressive. They speak their mind but they are more interested in problem solving. Therefore, include how-to’s, practical tips, lifehacks, and the best way to maximize time and money with the use of your products and services when you plan your car wash marketing to web savvy customers.


To make your car wash marketing plan fit this very important demographic of web savvy customers, you should be able to walk in their shoes and talk their language. says you need to treat web savvy group and millennials like they are partners in your business, not just purchasers. Surely, they influence a lot of aspects in your business and they know their worth in your car wash marketing plan.

There are a lot more things to consider when targeting web savvy car and truck wash customers.  Subscribe to our newsletter to keep on receiving more valuable information and ideas for your car wash business.


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