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Scratch Dini – A Car Scratch Remover That Works?

Scratch Dini – A Car Scratch Remover That Works?

Scratch Dini – A Car Scratch Remover That Works?

Car scratches can mar the aesthetics and decrease the value of any car. This is why you look for car scratch removers which promise to solve that perennial problem. Among the products that has recently caught the public’s attention is Scratch Dini which claims to make scratches disappear in seconds.

In its “As Seen on TV” advertisement, a narrator says that the “magic” lies in the revolutionary Carbopol, a polymer from Noveon Inc., erstwhile known as B.F. Goodrich. The ad also presents various instances where scratches from car surfaces magically disappear after applying Scratch Dini and rubbing it off with a rag. Using this professional-strength product, as the ad shows, can save you a lot of money from the costly fees of detailers or body shops and can protect surfaces against future scratches.

But the question is – can it really remove scratches from a car’s surface? Does it really live up to its tagline, “Protect your paint job while removing ugly scratches in seconds”?

Our Review of Scratch Dini

As per our standard operational procedure, we at DetailXPerts test each detailing product before using or recommending it for our client’s vehicles. To find out if Scratch Dini works as advertised, our detailers conducted a test with a car that has scratches. Please note that we followed all instructions carefully.

According to the Scratch Dini package instructions, it must be applied to a dry and clean surface. So we cleaned the car with our patent-pending method and dried it thoroughly. Then, we applied Scratch Dini to the affected area and allowed it to set for 30 seconds.

Here’s the video of the test we conducted:

After the product has set, our detailer got a soft, clean cloth for rubbing the area. He used circular motions and applied a little pressure to the scratch as indicated in the instruction. We repeated the test several times and yielded the following results:

  • It is ineffective even on surface scratches. As you can see from the video, the scratch, though minor, did not disappear. Neither did it change in appearance.
  • The promotional video is misleading. The “As Seen on TV” video of Scratch Dini shows how it can remove scratches in no time at all.  Based on our test, we can say that it doesn’t give even a fraction of the results shown on the said video.
  • It can add to your expenses. Contrary to the advertisement’s claim that you can save money when you use Scratch Dini, you will actually be spending more because in the end, the only solution to your car scratches is to take it to skilled detailers.

In summary, we can conclude that Scratch Dini is an ineffective scratch remover. This negates the advertisement that it is a remarkable product which can save vehicle owners like you from costly body repairs.

Why spend your money on something that does not give results? For effective car scratch removal, the best option is to schedule an appointment with the experts. These people are highly skilled and have the right tools, equipment and products to give your car a scratch less, shiny appearance.

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