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Car Wash Innovation: 5 Discoveries Revolutionizing the Way Car Detailers Operate Today

Car Wash Innovation: 5 Discoveries Revolutionizing the Way Car Detailers Operate Today

Car Wash Innovation: 5 Discoveries Revolutionizing the Way Car Detailers Operate Today

To cope with the increasing consumer demand for quality and availability, the car wash industry, as a whole, continuously strives to improve by leveraging modern technology. Nowadays, you’ll see a business offering its very own car wash innovation. Some of these innovations thrive and become industry standards because of their efficiency and sustainability, thus changing the way detailers operate today.

What are these automotive industry trends and how do they positively affect the car wash industry? Read on and find out.

Car Wash Innovation Discoveries

1. Dual Belt Conveyor

Older style chain rollers are getting to be a thing of the past with the entry of the dual belt conveyor system. Its simple, efficient design is easier to maintain and operate. Customers are finding it less complex to use, which increases their satisfaction. Because of this, there are fewer damage claims.

And because customers can drive their car safely and securely into the tunnel, there’s no need for additional employees to assist with loading. This improves a car wash business’s reputation and profitability.

2. Steam Cleaning Method

Decades ago, using steam for cleaning cars was unimaginable. People generally thought that the intense heat from steam cleaners can ruin car paint.

With the discovery of DetailXPerts’ steam car wash, that misconception was proven wrong. Studies show that modern car paint is designed to resist temperature extremes; and that steam pales in comparison to the sun’s heat.

And because DetailXPerts’ steam cleaning method only uses organic cleaning materials and minimal water, chemical runoff is prevented, thus saving the environment from further degradation. At the same time, this mobile business cleans and protects vehicle paint effectively,  and protects the health and safety of both drivers and passengers.

3. POS System

Auto Laundry News states that the POS System is the backbone of the car wash – and we couldn’t agree more. It has become a car wash owner’s partner of sorts that makes management easier. Used properly, a POS System can help manage sales, labor, marketing, human resources, and customer loyalty.

This benefits both car wash owners and customers. Owners save money on labor and marketing as these can be incorporated into the system. Customers, on the other hand, enjoy a hassle-free experience.

4. Digital Marketing

Before the rise of the internet, small local car washes had to rely on leaflets, posters, and word-of-mouth to advertise their business. Advertising on radio and TV was out of the equation due to the prohibitive fees. A single ad could cost thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars way back then.Therefore, only the bigger brands were able to afford it.

But look at how the internet, more specifically, digital marketing, has changed things for the car wash owner! Today, detailers can create a website (or have it created by a web designer) and social media accounts to make their brand visible to their target audience. Through these channels, they can connect, engage, and build relationships with prospects and existing customers in real time. And since there’s no huge advertising fees involved, detailers can focus their finances on improving their services.

5. Microfiber Towel

Perhaps one of the greatest car wash innovations is the microfiber towel. It dries cars faster than traditional terry cloths or chamois. It’s because microfibers are made of synthetic fibers 1/5 the diameter of a human hair, allowing them to absorb more liquid faster.

This innovation saves time for both car wash owners and customers. The first can use their saved time to clean more vehicles, while the second can use their saved time for doing more important tasks.

6. Buffer

Another car wash innovation that hugely impacted the car wash industry is the buffer. It helps spread polishing products more effectively and polishes vehicles faster than the manual method. Plus, buffers can help remove car swirls and scratches, giving vehicles that shiny, beautiful appearance all the time.

To car wash owners, the buffer translates to additional services they can offer. Customers, on the other hand, get to drive a sleeker looking vehicle they can take pride in.

7. Other Car Wash Innovation Tools, Materials and Equipment

Yes, the once simple bucket-and-hose hand car wash has evolved into a $48 billion industry. This evolution naturally needed upgrades in equipment, too. And these include many things from brushes that effectively remove the toughest dirt and grime to drying equipment that speeds up the process.

Car wash owners and auto detailing supplies, tools, and equipment manufacturers continue to outdo each other to provide the best products.

For example, aside from its patent-pending steam cleaning method, DetailXPerts has its own line of auto detailing supplies. One manufacturer created a unique soft type of foam material for car washes. A brush maker created a larger brush with long and short bristles to make tire and wheel cleaning more efficient.

Each car wash innovation benefits both car wash owners and customers. Customers get fast, convenient, and efficient services while owners build a good reputation and ultimately, increase their bottom line.

If you would like to grab the opportunity to earn from this $48 billion industry, why not consider DetailXPerts’ car franchise opportunity? You’ll not only be a part of a reputable and trusted international brand, but you will also get all the franchise training and support you need to succeed.

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