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What to Consider When Selecting Car Upholstery Tools

What to Consider When Selecting an Upholstery Tool

What to Consider When Selecting Car Upholstery Tools

Maintaining the proper working condition of a vehicle can be a tough job. One of the most overlooked cleaning products that a car owner must invest in is the car upholstery tool. Along with the cleaning wand, the upholstery tool is indispensable for accessing hard-to-reach corners inside your car.

Unlike the underbody or the exterior—both of which can be tinkered with readily—a car’s interior cannot be completely opened up to make room for an adult detailer. You can move the front car seats along their tracks, bend the car seat backs at your desired angle or even strip the carpets altogether, but you will still only have a small space to work in as you clean every inch of the car’s interior.

When choosing the right upholstery tool, you want to get a product that will give you the best bang for your buck. An upholstery tool that will be easy to maneuver through your car and will last you for many years. Fortunately for car owners who are also DIY detailing enthusiasts, both the car wand and the car upholstery tool have become exceedingly simple to use. They are now lighter, thinner, and more efficient than ever. Now you don’t need to spend hours just trying to figure out how the contraption works, where to put it, and when to use it.

Selecting Upholstery Tools

Some considerations that you should keep in mind when choosing an upholstery tool for car interior cleaning:

  • Is it lightweight and easy to use? Your upholstery tool should be light enough to allow you to navigate your way to the back corners of your vehicle. You will be working with it for a while, so choose a model that will not cause hand or wrist strain.
  • Is it fast-drying? Some cleaners have a low-moisture threshold, allowing your upholstery to dry really quickly.
  • Does it clean effectively? A high-volume water flow is recommended to blast away deep-seated dirt, even in the farthest, darkest corners of your car.
  • Does it keep cool even after prolonged use? Make sure that your upholstery tool remains comfortable to the grip even after you have been working with it for a while.
  • Can it be maneuvered properly through tight, small areas? A low profile allows your upholstery tool to be squeezed under and between seats easily.
  • Is it reasonably priced? Some upholstery cleaners have extra features such as a trigger valve, replaceable head or an overspray control hole to give the user extra freedom in using the product. You have to find out for yourself if you really need these things. Otherwise, you can just pick out a basic upholstery tool and save your money for something else.

Upholstery Tools and Cleaning Products

There are literally thousands of car cleaning products out there today, and the sheer variety of choices that a car owner can select from can be rather daunting. Let yourself be guided by your specific purposes so that you don’t make a mistake in investing in the right car care tools and products.


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