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Car Seat Cleaner: Steam Cleaning vs Nowet Products

Car Seats Cleaning Steam Cleaning vs Nowet Products

Car Seat Cleaner: Steam Cleaning vs Nowet Products

There are several methods that you can use when you cleaning your car sets. Two of these methods for car seats cleaner process that are very effective are: steam cleaning, and cleaning with Nowet products. Both methods are  eco-friendly and organic, which makes them even more appealing to many consumers. Each method has it’s own unique benefits attached to their use. We will look at each method and examine the pros and cons of using them for car seats cleaning.

Nowet Products

Nowet products are specialized waterless car wash products that have been in production since 1994. The products are made in the USA and are marketed as “a true ‘GREEN’ product”.  Nowet Greenway is the company’s primary product, which is a multi-purpose car wash product. The products contain no alcohol, petroleum distillates or kerosene. This is a distinction that sets Nowet products apart from the rest, as similar products within the market have at least one or more of those listed ingredients.

Here are a few pros and cons associated with using Nowet products for car seats cleaning:

Nowet Products: Pros for Car Seats Cleaning

  • The products are an environmentally friendly option. This is becoming increasingly important, not just to eco-conscious consumers, but to everyone. Using ‘green’ products help to save the environment, which by extension has a positive contribution of the health and livelihood of the users. When using these products you don’t have to worry about inhaling harmful substances that can make you sick.
  • The Nowet Greenway product is a multipurpose product that can be used for all of the steps involved in car detailing, including car seats cleaning. With this product, you can wash the vehicle, as well as polish, wax, seal, protect car seats and do a complete detailing. The product can be used on all classes of vehicles: motorcycles, cars, trucks, boats, planes etc. It can also be used on most surfaces, including upholstery, glass and the wheels of the vehicle. The product is also a stain remover.
  •  You receive significant discounts depending on the volume of your purchase, also, there are no additional fees (franchise, training, royalty, license) attached.

Nowet Products:  Cons for Car Seats Cleaning

  • Customers commented that the aroma of the product wasn’t very pleasant. This might be an issue for persons who  prefer their car seats to have a nice smell after cleaning.
  • Customers have also said that the product can leave minor scratches on seats (spider web scratches). This is mostly the case for harder plastic or leather like car seats.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning services for car seat cleaning has been the topic for several of our other articles. The method is popular among car wash owners, and it is gaining even more popularity as environmental concerns are heightened.

Here are a few pros and cons associated with using steam cleaning for car seats cleaning:

Steam Cleaning: Pros for Car Seats Cleaning

  • This is an organic and environmentally safe way to clean car seats. The benefits of this are similar to those described for the Nowet products.
  • Gets to the hard to reach places that other methods might miss. The attachments used with steam cleaning machines get to those hard to reach creases of the car seats. This facilitates a more through and efficient clean of the car’s interior.
  • It  is very useful and efficient for cleaning the seats of all vehicle types and all upholstery fabrics.
  • It kills germs and sanitizes, without adding bacteria ( as some water methods do) or using harsh chemicals.

Steam Cleaning:  Cons for Car Seats Cleaning

  • Getting the equipment initially might be a bit expensive. However this con is minimized over time.

Nowet vs Steam

Based on the information above and the research that was  done, both methods are great choices for car seats cleaning. It would seem however, that though both methods are generally good, using Nowet might be most effective for harder (non cloth) car seats, while steam cleaning is great for all kinds of upholstery.

If you would rather a professional to do you car seat cleaning for you, call to make an appointment with a car detailing expert in your area.  You might be surprised to find out that they use both these methods as well.

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