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Car Interior Tips: How to Protect Your Car from the Sun

Car Interior Tips: How to Protect Your Car from the Sun

Car Interior Tips: How to Protect Your Car from the Sun

After sitting out in the sun for hours in an open parking lot, your car will definitely be hot to the touch, inside and out. We all know how harsh the sun’s ultraviolet rays can be on human skin, so we try to protect ourselves with a healthy slathering of sunscreen before going out. Your car suffers from the same harmful effects, but there’s no way you can simply slap sunscreen on our car’s surfaces. And just as the car’s exterior suffers massive deterioration from the sun, so does the interior. Wouldn’t it be a lot easier if someone handed us a handbook on car interior tips?

Interior Car Tips: Checking interior for damage

You can see the visible effects of sun damage on your car’s upholstery, especially in the places where the leather is faded, cracked, and peeled. The dashboard and plastic trimmings along the doors can also crack and fade. The seats and carpeting are visiably worn out and dull. Nothing at all like the beautiful vibrant color they were when you first sat in your car.

The sun’s ultraviolet rays do not just wreak havoc on your car’s appearance; it can also considerably lower the car’s resale value as well as increase your maintenance costs. This is certainly bad news for any car owner who is thinking of selling or trading in his car for a more updated model. Any good car interior tips website will tell you that protecting your car from sun damage is vital to keep it looking new and functioning well on the road. So what can you do to prevent the sun from getting in the way of your car’s good looks?

Protect your car inside and out

Your car’s metal exterior is your first line of defense against the harmful UV rays of the sun. However, even the exterior can suffer significant sun damage, so you should find out other ways to protect the interior from excessive heat and UV exposure. Window tints and sunshades can add an extra layer of protection against the sun and can reduce the amount of heat that is absorbed by the car’s interior even after it has been parked outside for a long time. Sunshades and tints may not look very attractive, but they sure do a great job of keeping the heat out and protecting your precious leather upholstery.

Speaking of leather interiors, you should also think about investing in a sunscreen product that is specifically designed to act as a barrier against harmful UV rays. After application, your seats and might feel a little greasy, so you should allow ample time for the material to soak up the protectant thoroughly.

As an extra thought, you should also maintain your car interior’s cleanliness. Throw away any leftover food, paper, and other everyday stuff instead of letting them pile up. The trash can detract from the clean, organized look of your car and encourage bacterial growth. In turn, this can lead to weird funky smells eventually taking up residence inside your vehicle. The sun will only speed up the accumulation of bacteria and further lessen your car’s interior appeal.


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