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How to Get New Car Smell and Keep It Between Details

How to Get New Car Smell

How to Get New Car Smell and Keep It Between Details

If you would love to know how to get new car smell, we’ll show you the steps and procedures. Capturing the alluring scent of freshness, “luxury” and cleanliness of a brand-new vehicle requires attention to detail, deep cleaning methods and some elbow grease, but it’s worth it. This guide means you can enjoy a fresher smelling car and a healthier driving experience using eco-friendly suggestions wherever possible. We also share car interior detailing tips to ensure your car stays odor-free for longer.

If you’re interested in expert green car care, including odor removal, download our Eco Wash Benefit Guide:

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How to Get New Car Smell – Steps and Procedures

The distinctive “new car” aroma is actually a mix of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released by materials such as leather, plastics, adhesives, and carpeting in a newly manufactured car. These VOCs break down over time due to exposure to light, heat, and air, which is why the intensity of the new car smell fades over time. However, breathing in VOCs isn’t the healthiest of experiences, so we bring you the greener alternative when you follow these steps:

Remove Trash From Car

First, get rid of the garbage inside your car. Leftover bits of food attract odor-causing microbes such as bacteria and molds.

Also, remove personal belongings and car mats to make it easier to access all areas of the car when vacuuming and cleaning.

Vacuum Like a Pro

Next, vacuum every corner and crevice of your clutter-free car. The professionals use the best car vacuum with upholstery attachments to achieve superior cleaning. Here are some tips:

  • Begin by vacuuming the ceiling, headliner, and upper areas of the car’s interior with a soft brush attachment to remove dust, lint, and any loose particles.
  • Vacuum the seats thoroughly, starting from the top and working down to the seat cushions and crevices. Pay special attention to seams, folds, and pockets where dirt and debris can gather.
  • Vacuum the carpeted areas of the car, including the footwells. Start from the front and work your way towards the back, overlapping your strokes for thorough coverage.
  • Use a crevice tool attachment to reach tight spaces along the edges of the carpet and around the pedals. Pay attention to corners, edges, and underneath seats. See tips on how to detail a car interior like a professional.

Banish Bad Odors

The trick to a new car smell is to eliminate all the bad smells first! Food spills, pet odors, or smoke can create strong, unpleasant smells in a confined space. See our tips on how to get bad smell out of car. For specific odors, the following guides are helpful:

Remove Stains

As well as eliminating bad smells, you need to remove stains from car seats and carpets as soon as possible. If you see a mark on seats or carpets, do the following:

If your carpets need extra attention, use a carpet stain remover to achieve a clean and fresh-smelling finish.

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Wipe Down Surfaces and Restore Shine

Use the best car interior cleaner to remove dust, dirt, and grime from interior surfaces like the steering wheel, dashboard, door panels, and center console. For example, Meguiar’s Ultimate Interior Detailer’s spray on, buff off formula gives your car interior a like-new polished appearance. It is suitable for plastic, vinyl, and leather.

Use Steam to Sanitize Car Interior

If you want to know how to get new car smell in an older vehicle, or if you haven’t cleaned your car regularly, we recommend steam cleaning for odor removal. Steam is the best way to detail a car interior because it sanitizes surfaces, killing bacteria, mold, and other microorganisms that may contribute to odors. The result is a fresher smelling and healthier environment inside your car. See our tips on how to steam clean car interior.

Moreover, steam uses minimal water compared to traditional methods like shampooing and wet vacuuming. This means you leave less moisture behind on seas and surfaces. Also, drying time is shorter, which helps prevent the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria that thrive in moist environments and contribute to odors.

New Car Smell Air Freshener and Sprays

Finally, after you’ve cleaned and aired out your vehicle, you may want to use a new car smell air freshener or spray. Choose high-quality products specifically designed for cars and small spaces. These products typically come in various forms such as sprays, hanging air fresheners, vent clips, or scented sachets. For example:

And if you overdo the scent, we even have a quick fix for overpowering perfumes. See how to get air freshener smell out of car.

Tips on Keeping your Car Smelling Like New Between Details

To maintain the new car smell between car interior detailing service appointments, you can follow these tips:

Daily De-Clutter

Keep your car clutter-free. Get into the habit of placing food and drink containers in the garbage bin at the end of each day.

Save the Snacks for Home

If you can help it, don’t eat in your car, especially if you are a messy eater! Furthermore, some fast foods have pungent odors, which cling to your car upholstery.

No Smoking Inside the Car, Please

Politely remind passengers to smoke somewhere else because thick cigarette smoke gets into upholstery and headliner, even after 5 minutes in the car.Download Eco Auto Wash Benefit Guide_Call the Experts

Remove Stains Promptly

Deal with stains as soon as possible to prevent odors between car details. For example, see our tips on how to remove stains from cloth seats.

Vacuum Often

Dust and grime buildup can cause your car to smell stale and musty. So, regularly vacuum your car’s interior to prevent dirt and debris from building up. Aim to vacuum at least once a week, or more often if you frequently transport pets or children.

Keep Your Car Mats Clean

If you live in an area that is dry and dusty, shake out your car mats at the end of the day. Also, inspect the car mats for any smelly substances that may stick to them. Wash if necessary.

Clean and Shine Windows Regularly

Be sure to clean the car windows regularly. Stains and odors can cling to glass, so clean the inside part of the windows, too.

Air Your Car

Whenever possible, park your car in a well-ventilated area and open the windows and doors to allow fresh air to circulate through the interior. This can help remove stale air and odors, refreshing the car’s interior and preserving the new car smell.


Knowing how to get new car smell gives you a fresher and more enjoyable driving experience. It is important to clean and sanitize your car first before using a new car smell air freshener. Otherwise, you just mask bad smells. Equally important, use high-quality gels or sprays that are suitable for use inside your car.

Steam cleaning is the most effective, time-saving method. However, if you prefer to leave this job to the professionals, we can help. Our trained team uses eco-friendly methods to eliminate odors and restore the fresh new car smell you’ll love.

For more details on our greener clean, download our Eco Wash Benefit Guide:

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