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Car Cleaning: Top 5 Car Steamers

Car Cleaning Top 5 Car Steamers

Car Cleaning: Top 5 Car Steamers

Car steamers play a pivotal role in automobile detailing and the knowledge of the top five car steamers will help you to understand some of the best brands that are used in the car wash industry today.

In no particular order, you will find the best car steamers available today, listed below.

  1. TPA Impex: A leading player in the small domestic appliances sector, TPA Implex has a variety of steamers for professionals as well as for consumers. Consumer steamers are compact, powerful and user-friendly. What makes these steamers powerful is the ‘extraction cleaning’ function. The steamer sits on a carriage equipped with pivoting wheel and brakes. A stand out feature happens to be the fact that the cleaning agent can be automatically added while cleaning. Allowing you to not slow down in the work you are doing.

  2. Therma-Kleen:The only US made dry vapor steamer cleaner is built to last. The Therma-Kleen contains a stainless steel body giving it the ability to withstand abusive handling. Whichever model you choose they are all perfect for commercial use, getting into areas water should not be used. The best part about this model of steam cleaner besides the stainless steel body is a life time warranty on the boiler.

  3. Siel: The Siel steamers are known to be a one of the kind car wash machine which is an innovative model as well as an environment-friendly one. It is created with the recent steam technology which helps to eliminate the toughest stains, grease, dirt and odors from different kinds of surfaces. Siel allows easy washing of the door panels, consoles, dash boards and the car headliners as well.

  4. Euro Star: It is known to be one of the best car steamers which delivers what it promises it would. It is a very popular brand in the auto detailing industry and its fame is directly related to the way it saves time and water while performing car washing.

  5. DetailXPerts Steamer: This brand is considered to be an amazing vapor steam cleaning system, for domestic cleaning, hygiene and sterilization. If you’ve been looking for a safe, easy to use and environmentally-friendly way to make your car or home fresh and clean, DetailXPerts Steamer is the best choice for you. By utilizing high temperature under regulated high pressure, the vapor steamer deep cleans and disinfects every nick and cranny in your car, leaving nothing behind but clean, sanitized and chemical-free surfaces.

With DetailXPerts Steamer you get:

  • A great system for vacuuming solid materials and liquids and for generating dry, powerful steam.
  • A perfect solution for sanitizing, deep cleaning and perfuming in one easy operation.
  • A completely chemical-free product – dry steam effectively removes dirt, stains and grease and instantly kills dust mites, bed bugs, molds and bacteria.

Thus, the above list covers the five best car steamers which are mostly used by professional detailers. All these steam cleaning machines are of the superior category and will help to wash the car to perfection.


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