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5 Ways Added Value Brings You New Car Wash Customers

5 Ways Added Value Brings You New Car Wash Customers

Let’s face the conundrum of the car wash industry: everybody can wash a car, but not everybody “can wash a car”. All that car cleaning and detailing entails is basic knowledge of which parts to wash and how, coupled with knowing what tools and materials to use for each area of the car. Such as car shampoo, tire dressing, and clay bar. When you have added values such as these, it is sure to bring you new customers. And yet, we see more car wash facilities cropping up and more car owners delegating their car care habits to the professionals.

So what makes people want to hire a professional car detailer instead of doing the car washing on their own? Of course, there are the standard answers of better car care and busier work-family schedules. But the ultimate reason for the successful performance of certain car wash shops is in offering the perfect, full-service car wash package at the most reasonable price.

They know that to have a sustainable and efficient business, they need to couple their services with added value. This is the only thing that can possibly separate them from the other car wash facilities in their area, and put them at the top of the competition. Simply reducing prices to rock-bottom levels is not enough to produce long-term results. As a car wash entrepreneur, you need to think beyond immediate results and instead invest in long-term business tactics.

Added Value That Brings You Customers

Check out these top five ways that would convince you to offer added value to your current crop of car detailing services:

    1. Prepaid car wash program. Talk to your customers about planning ahead and pre-paying for their first six car washes of the year, and if you can, throw in some discounts, promo deals or freebies to make it an appealing offer. Emphasize that pre-paying for car wash services can help them with their cash flow later on, and ensure that their vehicles are taken care of professionally throughout the year. The perceived value of this package will make it all the more appealing even to skeptical customers.

    1. More payment options with trusted and secure payment facilities. Again, you want to help your customers manage their budget wisely. Partner with the most well-known and secure payment facilities like PayPal to enable your customers to allocate their monthly income properly. By giving them the chance to pay for services ahead of schedule through a trusted payment facility, you’re making their life so much easier and convenient. Meaning no amount of price discount can top that.

    1. Loyalty and rewards program. This is the tried-and-tested way to attract new customers and add greater value to your client’s dollars. When they feel important and appreciated at your car wash facility, they will be more likely to come back for more services in the future. You can offer a free gift—such as a presidential car wash or an underbody detailing package—after a certain number of visits or purchases. Because your customer will have to shell out more for this free gift, it has to be worth the wait and the cost. The perceived value must be high enough for the customer to want it.

    1. First crack at promo deals and new services. Give your first fifty customers during Easter Sunday the exclusive chance to try out your new presidential detailing package or steam cleaning service. They will be excited to be in this unique group, and you will be able to coax them (politely of course) to consider trying your other services the next time they schedule an appointment with you. Not only are you able to promote your new services or promo deals successfully, you’re also able to give them a little extra value for their money.

  1. Free gift with purchase. Instead of giving a dollar off every detailing service, it might be a better idea to simply couple the purchase with a little free something; a candy bar, a mug, a car decal or a baseball cap. Choose any small token or item that your customers would appreciate and use, because you want your logo and company details plastered on that free gift so they can spread the word about you.

At the end of the day, some people might find it hard to structure their businesses in such a way that it could offer great added value at competitive price points. For people who want to run their own business but also wish to work with an existing business model, franchising might be the best option. It’s the perfect win-win solution because you get a strong business support system plus the opportunity to build your own business.

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