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Buffing Your Car – 5 Cases in Which You Should Do It

Buffing Your Car – 5 Cases in Which You Should Do It

Buffing Your Car – 5 Cases in Which You Should Do It

Some people are wary about buffing their cars lest they damage its exterior. But do you know that there are some cases in which buffing your car is the solution?

Car buffing is an auto detailing method wherein damaged areas of a car’s paint are removed. You can choose from a manual buffer or an electrically powered one depending on the severity of your car’s condition. These buffers come with heads of varying roughness.

Buffing Your Car – When Do You Need It?

Everybody wants to have a car that looks great. This is the reason why a lot of car owners buy car shampoos, waxes and other auto detailing supplies just to keep the beauty and integrity of their prized possession. But when washing and waxing alone is not enough, it is time to consider buffing your car. What are these cases? Here they are:

1. When oxidation sets in

Does your car’s surface have an ugly, chalky appearance? You have probably neglected waxing or covering your car with a protective material which led to paint oxidation. This happens when your car’s paint reacts with the oxygen in the air. Unfortunately, no washing or waxing can remove oxidation. In cases like this, buffing your car can be the only solution.

2. When scratches and swirl marks become noticeable

Scratches and swirl marks can ruin the aesthetics of your car. Sadly, these cannot be prevented no matter how much you take care of your car because accidents brought about by your kids and pets can happen anytime. Minor scratches that do not reach the layer underneath can be hidden or removed by some car scratch removers. But if these products do not work, then buffing your car may be your only option.

3. When headlights become yellowish

Your headlights are covered with tough plastic which can turn yellow due to the passage of time, temperature changes and other factors. This can affect your headlights’ functionality and worse, threaten your safety because you may not see the road clearly especially on dark, snowy nights. Prevent this from happening by buffing your car’s headlights.

4. When chemical etching occurs

Etching happens when you forget to remove bird droppings, plant and tree saps and acid rain from your car’s exterior. It is because the acid in these substances can react with your car’s paint. Of course, you can prevent this from happening by removing the damaging substances immediately. But once the acids have seeped into the car paint, buffing your car is the only answer.

5. When the exterior paint loses its luster

Modern cars have clear coats to protect the paint layer underneath. But factors like changes in temperature, harsh chemicals in some car detailing products and oxygen in the air can cause that protective covering to lose its shine. Do not let the damage affect the paint underneath. You can save the aesthetics of your car by buffing its exterior.

Buffing your car becomes necessary when washing and waxing alone cannot improve your car’s appearance. But if you are afraid to damage your car even further, schedule an appointment with detail experts. They know which buffer heads to use and techniques to make your car as beautiful as the first time you laid eyes on it.

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