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How to Boost Your Car Wash Revenue During Winter

How to Boost Your Car Wash Revenue During Winter

It is winter, the weather is bad in most parts of the country, and you have been seeing your full service car wash revenue decrease for several weeks now. We all know that winter can be brutal not only on the exterior of a car but on the interior as well. There are several reasons for a slow down or even full stop at your full service car wash franchise; it could be weather related storms and cold, or it could simply be that your customers are not aware of the dangers of not washing their vehicles during this blustery season. Whatever the reason, here are some tips and tricks to improve your car wash revenue during this turbulent time and come out on top.

Five ways to boost your car wash revenue during the winter months:

  1. Take action ahead of time
  2. Have a winter plan in action
  3. Have knowledgeable and informative customer service
  4. Offer discounts and promotions
  5. Go mobile

Take Action Ahead of Time

Take action with your car wash franchise and your customers ahead of time. Explain to your customers why winterizing their vehicle before the season hits is a good idea, on the outside as well as the inside. During the previous warmer month’s, dirt and dust mites have been accumulating inside your vehicle where they will harbor in the colder months, making people inside your vehicle more susceptible to getting sick. For the business side, see if setting up a “locked-in” rate on utilities makes sense for the upcoming winter season, saving you and your business money. Start checking your equipment ahead of time to see if any upgrades are needed before the bad weather strikes.

Have a Winter Plan in Action

As the old motto goes, “be prepared”. Since winter brings the possibility of more slips and falls for not only your employees but your customers as well it is best to have a winter plan in action. Of course, keeping the snow and ice away from doors, walkways and garage bays are always recommended, and try to keep a weather log daily too. This is a good idea throughout the year. This way, if someone claimed to have fallen you can check to see the weather conditions for that particular day in the weather log to see if it is a feasible incident that will need to be addressed. This will bring awareness of other hazardous conditions throughout the year that might need to be addressed. Be sure to set up some check-lists to follow to be sure you keep all of your equipment in working order during the colder months too.

Have Knowledgeable and Informative Customer Service

Go above and beyond in the customer service department. Make sure your customers understand what the wintery weather can do to their vehicle on the inside and out, especially if they cannot store their vehicle in a garage or other sheltered space. Warn them of the corrosiveness of the salt on their undercarriage, body of their vehicle and paint job which will start or speed up any rust that may already be on the vehicle before the season started; the slushy, muddy mess inside a vehicle on the floor mats and carpet, not to mention the seats if you have smaller children. You and your staff are the best people to explain what this blustery weather can do to your customer’s vehicle. This serves two purposes for your car wash revenue: to aid in keeping customer retention and showing a genuine sincerity to your customers (which they will certainly appreciate and show you in their loyalty to your car wash franchise). Word of mouth from your established customer base will have a positive impact too.

Offer Discounts and Promotions

Offer discounts for add-on services or other promotions that entice your customers to come and get their car serviced by you. Then offer coupons so they continue to come and visit you throughout the winter months. Giving first time customers discounts on all services may keep them coming back. How about a monthly or weekly special? Talk your customers into additional add-ons once they realize the value it gives. How about an extra punch on their green rewards card on a day that is usually less busy? Offering specific winterizing add-ons at a discount will help your sales and boost your income before the winter season hits.

Go Mobile

Go mobile. Time is money and life gets busy. Can you spare a few trusted employees to make your business mobile? Customers will appreciate the fact that you can go to them when they cannot get to you. Sick children or busy prior business engagements keep people who want to see you away from your car wash franchise due to circumstances beyond their control. Bring your business to them instead. It is a win/win situation – it saves you on additional overhead costs while bringing in additional car wash revenues from two sources instead of just one. Your customers are happy you are performing a much-needed service and you haven’t lost them as a customer. It also helps the environment. Going mobile has brought new biodegradable products into the car wash industry and now with the introduction of steam cleaning your vehicle has also saved on water consumption.

So think warmer weather and higher revenues using these easy and simple tips and tricks and check out DetailXPerts blog for more ideas on how to increase your revenues not only during the winter months but all year round.

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