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B2B Sanitizing Services in Growing Demand [VIDEO]

B2B Sanitizing Services in Growing Demand

B2B Sanitizing Services in Growing Demand [VIDEO]

The commercial cleaning and sanitizing services industry is going from strength to strength. In 2019, the revenue of janitorial services in the US reached $61 billion. The Bureau of Labor Statistics also predicts the cleaning services industry will have job growth of 10% through to 2026. However, commercial cleaning work is no longer simply about emptying trash, vacuuming floors, cleaning restrooms, and washing windows. Since the spread of the COVID-19 virus, great importance falls on the need for B2B sanitizing services.

Bosses and business owners know that keeping buildings, offices or transport orderly, clean and in good condition is no longer enough. They are increasingly seeking out niche sanitizing services with the latest technology, equipment and experience to guarantee an exceptional sterilized clean. A prime example of this is killing viruses with steam. A deeper, more frequent clean plays a hugely important role in reducing the transmission of the virus in public places. Read on to discover the top types of businesses committed to minimizing the risk of the spread of viral infections through regular use of professional sanitizing services.

Businesses Seeking out Sanitizing Services

Delivery Businesses and the Public Transport Sector

Businesses that primarily rely on the use of vehicles to make a profit are a target market for a sanitizing services franchise. It can keep vehicle interiors clean and virus-free to protect employees and customers.

As people return to work in offices and public places after the pandemic, the number of passengers on buses, trains and shuttles has picked up. The daily commute is getting busier once more. This has resulted in a dynamic shift in the commercial cleaning process. Bosses in the transportation sector now demand additional sanitizing services. This is to ensure the health and safety of their passengers, whether they travel by road, rail or air. Likewise, owners of courier services, food delivery businesses and those in the fleet industry also want to protect their employees and cargo by ensuring their cars, trucks and vans are not just clean, but also sterilized. Cleaning cars with steam has proved hugely effective in achieving this.

Target Areas

A steam detailing business specializes in stopping bacterial and viral spread in vehicle interiors. Special attention goes to the frequently touched areas like steering wheels, dashboards, switches and controls, door handles, and seat belts.

Sanitizing Services for Small and Large Businesses

Office buildings accommodate small-to-large teams of people under one roof. Therefore, business owners have a responsibility to keep their working environments as clean and safe as possible. Many employees are wary about catching a viral infection in the workplace. This has increased demand for professional office cleaning services. In particular, steam sterilization guarantees results. It is non-toxic and extremely successful at killing harmful microorganisms. The reassurance of working at a sanitized work station can make all the difference to employee morale, mental health and productivity.

Target Areas

Government guidance states that increasing the frequency of deep-cleaning work surfaces and high-touch points helps to lower infection risk from COVID-19. Therefore, it is important that offices get regular disinfection. Sanitizing services will pay special attention to desks, chairs, door handles, restrooms and equipment in shared areas such as office kitchens.

Take a look at how DetailXPerts’ patent-pending steam technology allows the company and our franchise owners to offer superior sanitizing services for work spaces in addition to our immaculate vehicle detailing core business:

Schools, Universities, and Training Centers

Key responsibilities of academic administrations include the health and safety of their students and staff on campus or in training offices. Surely, this includes utilizing enhanced sanitization procedures in classrooms and gymnasiums. The aim is to ensure maintenance of high standards of hygiene. Student housing also needs special attention. College residence halls can accommodate thousands of students. Therefore, dorms, entryways and communal seating areas need to be regularly sanitized.

Target Areas

Official advice suggests twice-daily cleaning of all high-touch points in educational facilities. This includes chairs, desks, door handles, keyboards, lab equipment, and locker doors. Student housing also needs the same regular deep clean. This includes dorms, restrooms, and communal kitchens.

Senior Living Facilities and Health Centers

Over a fifth of the population in the United States will be 65 years or older by 2050. That’s what statistics show. This rapidly aging population is triggering a huge growth in demand for senior living facilities. Consequently, business owners of housing communities need professional cleaning and sanitizing services because an aging population is much more vulnerable to viruses and infections. Living facilities need to be thoroughly disinfected. The frequency of sanitizing and cleaning procedures throughout the day is important, too. A sanitization services franchise can tap into this demand. Similarly, health centers, dental, optical and medical practitioners, research laboratories and the like, all need to maintain the higher levels of hygiene that only professional sanitization services can provide.

Target Areas

Entry and exit points of living facilities need to be deep cleaned on a regular basis. In other medical facilities, handrails, door handles, examination tables, office and medical equipment, waiting rooms, and restrooms should be sanitized regularly.

Restaurants, Cafes, and Bars

The push to repopulate restaurants, cafes and bars and to keep them open is essential for the health of the economy and the survival of the hospitality industry. However, the threat of a second wave of the COVID-19 virus over the winter months is significant. Therefore, cleaning tables, surfaces and equipment in eateries and bars takes on new importance in the post-pandemic months. Steam cleaning is a fast and effective way to keep places sanitized to reassure the public, the staff, and the business owners.

Target Areas

The most important target areas that need quality sanitizing services in this niche include kitchen appliances, equipment and work surfaces, restrooms, bars, tables, chairs, and entry and exit points.


There is clearly no limit to the number of different businesses who need to employ effective sanitizing services. This opens up huge profit potential for those owners of a sanitizing services franchise who can provide a professional service to meet the demand. Their target market is business owners who put customer and worker welfare first. Furthermore, deep-cleaning and sanitizing offices, transportation and public places reduce employee and customer anxiety and concerns over catching the virus. This is good for overall well-being and business.

If you are interested in starting your own business in the B2B sanitizing services industry, take a look at DetailXPerts and our green cleaning franchise advantages. We utilize our patent-pending steam detailing technology and EPA-approved disinfectants to deliver superior sanitizing services. If you decide to join us, you get the opportunity to enter both the vehicle detailing and sanitization markets. This opens up great profit-making potential for you.

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