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Auto Detailing Supplies – What’s New on the Market

Auto Detailing Supplies – What’s New on the Market

Auto Detailing Supplies – What’s New on the Market

Auto detailing supplies come and go – quality ones stay on and become mainstays in a car owner’s detailing arsenal while low quality or inefficient ones disappear like bubbles, never to be seen again. But with so many new auto detailing supplies in the market today, how will you know which ones work and which ones do not?

Save yourself from searching far and wide because we have prepared our very own list of ten of the newest auto detailing supplies in the market today.

10 New Auto Detailing Supplies

So what are the newest auto detailing supplies in the market nowadays? Below is a list that you might want to check out.

1. Ultimate Interior Detailer

Ultimate Interior Detailer can enhance the beauty of your car’s interior surfaces. It can remove white spots, very slight scratches and can restore the “brand new” look of your dashboard. It is fast, efficient and easy to use. But, as some detailers say, polymers have a way of piling up into your car’s paint which makes repainting a bit difficult to do.

2. Turtle Wax® Rinse-Free Wash & Wax

 This is one of those no rinse auto detailing supplies that really work. You just mix it with the specified amount of water and wipe it to your surfaces. Dry with a microfiber cloth. It is cheap and easy to apply.

3. Scotchgard™ Oxy Auto Spot & Stain Remover

Searching for a product to remove those stubborn stains in your carpets and upholstery? Then Scotchgard Oxy might just be the right one for you. It can really get rid of stubborn stains. The downside, however, is that it has a very strong smell that resembles vomit.

4. Ultimate Black Trim Sponges

If you want something to bring the life back and provide UV protection to your car’s trim, bumpers, door handles, mirror housings, etc., then Ultimate Black Tire might just be the right sponge for you. You also get to save time and effort because these come pre-treated, easy to apply and fast-drying. However, their effect lasts only a few weeks and they do not work well on rubber flaps.

5. Ultimate Black Tire Coating

The good thing about Ultimate Black Tire Coating is that it comes in an aerosol which makes application a lot easier especially in hard-to-reach areas and the tiny crevices of a car. Some tips: Always clean your tires before you spray it with this tire dressing. Use it in a closed space so that you get the most out of each spray.

6. Air Re-fresher – New Car Scent

Nothing beats a clean, shiny car that smells great, too. Air- Re-fresher does eliminate bad odors from your car’s interior, leaving it smelling fresh and clean all the time. Just a tip: Do not use it directly on vinyl or leather upholstery because it might stain them. Keep in mind too that scents like this contain harsh chemicals that may irritate the respiratory system so it would be wise to check out the product label especially if you or loved ones have respiratory ailments.

  7. Mother’s California Gold Synthetic Paste Wax

This is one of the auto detailing supplies that has really gained our attention for its remarkable qualities. It can really make your car shine. Take note, however, that it is not that fast and easy to apply.

8. Rain-x Latitude® Wiper Blades

These blades are designed to match the contour of windshields. It is easy to install and resists snow as well. Unfortunately, it does not wipe it evenly and leaves some areas of the windshield untouched.

9. Rain-x® Headlight Restoration Kit

This kit comes with lubricant, three different grades of sanding pads, one each of polishing material, sealant and microfiber towel. Yes, this is one of the auto detailing supplies that is effective for restoring the beauty and shine of your headlights.

  10. Rain?x® Headlight Restorer

You can have this as a part of the Rain-x® Headlight Restoration Kit or buy separately. It is a good, quick fix for headlights.

These are the newest auto detailing supplies in the market today. If you need any help in using them or would rather have your car detailed than do it yourself, just schedule an appointment with the experts.

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