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ATV Wash: How to Remove Mud Stains

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ATV Wash: How to Remove Mud Stains

Thinking of fun in the sun driving around an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) to kick off the summer’s festivities? That’s all good, but you have to arm yourself with the proper knowledge regarding ATV wash, care, and maintenance before you actually ride it. Your little road warrior is subjected to even greater wear and tear than an ordinary car, despite the fact that you don’t use it as frequently.

Off-Road Fun

Driving around a four-wheeler comes with some responsibility. Due to the nature of the vehicle, it accumulates dirt and debris quickly. Thus, maintenance and cleaning need to occur on a regular basis.

Fortunately, if you’re a fan of DIY cleaning, there are a few things you can do before and after every trip to ensure that your ATV retains its pristine looks. Given the conditions that you drive your ATV through, you might think that it’s impossible to make it look clean for any length of time. However, here are a few tips to remedy the situation.

Proper ATV Wash

A pressure washer is your first option to remove all the grime from your four-wheeler. First, seal your oil and grease uptake tubes properly so the water can’t penetrate the equipment. Pressure washing effectively and quickly blasts away dirt and debris covering the vehicle.

The process is messy, so grab some gloves to protect your hands from the dirt. The pressure of the machine will loosen any crud that might be stuck to the ATV. However, some areas might require more work. Using a brush, sponge, or wash mitt will help to dislodge any debris that remains stuck.


Once most of the dirt has come off, you’re ready to go the extra mile to bring back your ATV’s good looks. Wash the ATV with soapy water, scrubbing down the entire vehicle with a soft bristle brush. The pressure washer should have eliminated most of the dirt, meaning it will be easier to finish washing the four-wheeler. Once finished, rinse the entire ATV off.

Stubborn Stains?

Apply a generous amount of your preferred ATV cleaning product, such as a tire cleaner. This will restore your machine’s high-gloss shine in no time at all. When that’s done, rinse the vehicle one last time and allow it to air dry before storing it back in your garage.

If you would rather a professional handle an ATV wash, consider DetailXPerts. This eco-friendly, mobile auto detailing company specializes in recreational vehicles.


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