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5 Ways Car Paint Protection Film Can Damage Your Car

5 Ways Car Paint Protection Film Can Damage Your Car

5 Ways Car Paint Protection Film Can Damage Your Car

Congratulations, you have a brand new car! Obviously, you will do anything to protect its showroom shiny finish, right? And since car paint protection film is one of the most popular materials today, you are considering it as the best option for your car.

But did you know that it may also damage your newly-acquired possession? How? Read on and find out.

How Car Paint Protection Film Can Wreak Havoc to Your Car

How can such a popular material do damage to your car? Here are five ways:

1. Not knowing what you really want

The ultimate reason for opting for a car paint protection film is to care for a new car and even older ones from the damages brought about by the sun’s UV rays, pebbles, stone chips and other debris that may come into contact with your car. However, you must be aware of which product to use depending on your needs and desires. If you do not want any visible seams and you do not intend to change films for a long time, then you can choose the spray-on type. However, this requires your car paint to be sanded down in order to make the film stick more efficiently. If, on the other hand, you want a less invasive method, you can choose dry film plastic. This gives the same effect, but of course, it has visible seams which may become a repository of dust later on. Which one do you prefer?

2. Relying too much on the “powers” of car paint protection film

As we have stated earlier, this material is effective for preventing sun damage to car paint. But abusing this quality by leaving your car without a breathable cover for a long period of time is a recipe that will absolutely lead to disastrous results and hefty detailer’s fees. Your car paint is similar to your skin – it develops moisture when left unprotected under the sun. The car paint protection film, being made of plastic, traps that moisture in. This may lead to oxidation and paint chipping.

3. Being too “economical”

Everybody wants to save up. This is the reason why we go for cheaper products, right? But how advantageous is cheap when it comes to car paint protection film? Cheaper materials may seem to save you a lot of cash, but they usually lack two essential things – thorough research and testing. Would you allow your beloved, prized possession to be installed with something that has not been proven and tested?

4. Not cleaning your car as often as you should

If your intention for installing car paint protection film is to save yourself from washing your car regularly, think again. Dust and sand can get trapped underneath the film which may lead to abrasions later on.

5. Doing it yourself

Any reliable car protection specialist will tell you that the installation of car paint protection film is not a good DIY project. It is because it requires the right tools and the hands of highly-skilled and well-experienced experts. They know how to produce the best results for your car.

Done right, car paint protection film can safeguard your car for up to seven years. But not knowing what you really want, relying too much on the “powers” of car paint protection film, being too economical, not cleaning your car as often as you should and doing it yourself can do more harm than good for your car.

How would you like to learn more about keeping the beauty and durability of your car? Please visit our blog. You can benefit a lot from the various posts about car care and protection.

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