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Aircraft Detailer Job Description – Are You a Good Fit for the Team?

Aircraft Detailer Job Description

Aircraft Detailer Job Description – Are You a Good Fit for the Team?

Have you got what it takes to be an aircraft detailer? If you are serious about taking your career in a whole new direction or are simply thinking about different job opportunities within the detailing industry, you might want to check out what an aircraft detailer job description entails. There is increased demand for this type of work due to the stricter cleaning expectations since the global pandemic. Private jets and commercial aircraft must be clean and sanitized for the safety of passengers and crew.

There has been a significant increase in the numbers of both private jets and private-use airports. Industry statistics show that there are now over 14,500 private airports in the US. This number has increased from around 13,800 in the last five years. This can be partly attributed to the growing trend for fractional jet ownership. This business model allows people to minimize their capital investment by owning a share of a private jet instead of buying an entire aircraft.

In addition, there is now huge interest in on-demand private jet services. Hiring a jet at a fixed hourly rate is becoming popular. New customers are being increasingly drawn towards flying privately because of health concerns since COVID-19. Also, falling jet-hire prices means they are now coming closer to the cost of commercial first-class seats. All this demand for premium-class travel triggers an increasing need for aircraft detailer personnel. Are you interested in applying for the job?

Aircraft Detailer Job Description in More Detail

Regardless of whether you are applying to work on a private jet or a commercial aircraft, aircraft detailer job description requirements include a strong work ethic, a positive attitude and an ability to work in a safe and efficient manner. Detailers will be working on a very expensive vehicle. Therefore, an employer wants to make sure he or she hires the best person for the job. Let’s break down an aircraft detailer job description in more detail to give you a better idea of exactly what an employer will be looking for.

Valid Driver’s License for Onsite Cleaning at Airports

You will need to have and maintain a valid driver’s license. The aircraft detailer job description will highlight the importance of mobile detailing. Firstly, detailers need to travel to airports to complete their work. The various tools and cleaning equipment will also need transportation to and from the aircraft, whether it is stationary in its own hangar space or out on the runway.

Physical Requirements in an Aircraft Detailer Job Description

Airplane detailing is a physical job. You are not sitting behind a desk. You are constantly on the move whether you are working around the outside of an aircraft or inside it. To make sure an employer hires the best person for the job, an aircraft detailer job description will outline the physical demands and requirements. For example, cleaning inside the cabin involves bending to clean under seats and stretching to reach storage bins. This job will involve lifting and moving industrial vacuums, working with specialized cleaning tools, and so on.

Also, cleaning the exterior of a plane is challenging due to its size. This might require you to climb up and down high work platforms to access those hard-to-reach parts of the plane. Therefore, you will need to be in good physical shape to complete each aircraft detailing job successfully.

Cleaning Safety Training

An aircraft detailer job description may also suggest that aircraft cleaning safety training is a bonus. If your application to be a detailer is successful, your duties will include working with heavy-duty cleaning solutions. Therefore, you need to demonstrate that you are capable, careful and competent when it comes to working with chemical-based cleaners, etc. You also need to be familiar with aviation-approved cleaning solutions to make sure you don’t cause any damage to the plane exterior or interior.

The importance of correct handling techniques will also go in an aircraft detailer job description. This awareness minimizes risk and personal injury when working with aircraft equipment. Previous experience relating to the safety procedures of aircraft detailing is a plus. It will give you an advantage over other candidates.

An Aircraft Detailer Job Description Includes Strong Organizational Skills

High-quality aircraft detailing is dependent on the cleaning technicians taking an organized and methodical approach to the job. For example, aircraft interior cleaning procedures require you to work in a certain way to make sure you clean and sanitie the aircraft to a high standard. Addionally, you may have to clean in accordance with the aircraft cleaning instructions as specified by the company. This includes filling out an aircraft checklist for each completed job.

Willingness to Learn New Skills

Don’t be disheartened if you don’t have the relevant training, qualifications or certificates. Reputable and responsible professional detailing services providers will offer introductory courses and employee training. Showing an enthusiasm to learn new skills and a willingness to complete training that improves your productivity and performance will work to your advantage.

Knowledge of Specialized Cleaning Techniques

If the aircraft detailer job description relates specifically to private jet detailing, there may be an expectation that you are familiar with cleaning luxury aircraft. This is because private jet interiors are usually fitted and furnished with high-end materials. Therefore, it is important that you have an awareness of the correct cleaning procedures, sanitization services and specialized techniques used in this environment. Prior experience in this field will reassure a potential employer that you can work competently without damaging luxury materials.

Personality Traits – Conscientious and Communicative

The interviewee’s personal traits are just as important as their physical capabilities. Employers will be looking for someone who has the ability to make decisions and who can use their initiative when it comes to working in a safe, efficient manner. You will need to have a practical mind and a can-do attitude. Strong interpersonal and communication skills will also be high on an employer’s new hire checklist.

Ability to Work in a Fast-Paced Environment

Aircraft detailing often involves working to a deadline prior to departures. Aircraft owners and operators are busy. Schedules are tight and expectations are high. Therefore, you need to be able to carry out labor-intensive work in a fast-paced environment in a calm and professional manner.

An Aircraft Detailer Job Description Highlights Availability to Work Flexible Hours

Employers will remind you in their aircraft detailer job description that this line of work is not a 9-5 job. You must be willing to work night shifts and weekends if necessary. Flight schedules also revolve around different time zones. If you have a flexible, open schedule when it comes to the team rotation and staff scheduling, it will work in your favor.

Professional Appearance

Last but not least, an aircraft detailer job description will most likely point out that you are working in an exclusive industry, particularly in private aviation jobs. No one expects you to clean an aircraft wearing a tailored suit but a smart appearance goes a long way to creating a good impression in an interview.

If you are well turned out and you are happy to wear a professional-looking uniform for detailing work, it reflects positively on the company that employs you. This, in turn, helps them to raise brand awareness and grow a customer base.


An aircraft detailer job description clearly outlines the many demands of the job. The traits and qualifications you will need range from experience in aircraft cleaning safety to a willingness to work flexible hours. Even if you don’t have experience in this line of work, there are still opportunities to impress during the interview. If you are hardworking, dependable and organized, it will work in your favor. Cleaning an aircraft requires high levels of competence. It also helps if you can bring a good-natured approach to the team.

If you are not job-hunting but are interested in hiring professional aircraft detailers, check out DetailXPerts’ aircraft detailing services and schedule an appointment. We have highly qualified teams across the US ready to serve you.

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