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Press Release: Tony Coyne – West Chester PA Car Wash Owner on Spotlight

Press Release: Tony Coyne – West Chester PA Car Wash Owner on Spotlight

Behind his confident, good-looking, and athletic façade, Tony Coyne has an innate love for people. He wants to push them up and give them a better life. In fact, one of the reasons why he chose to own a West Chester PA car wash is to give his employees the best working experience without needing approval from higher-ups the way he did as a manager for several industries.

The Business Grower

Tony has a remarkable ability to help grow businesses.

After graduation, he worked for one of the biggest sports apparel and footwear retailers in the world. Back then, the company only had 5 or 6 stores. After three years, with him as manager of the retail division, it had grown to about 65 stores!

He dabbled for a short time as a manager of a popular gadget store, then was recruited by a fellow college student to run the property management division of a startup that renovated single family homes and rented them out. From a mere 5 to 6 employees, Tony grew the staff to 400.

Things changed course when the business entered a bad partnership. The company suffered severe losses. Everything they built was taken away from them.

This served as a wake-up call for Tony – that no matter how much time and effort he spent for someone else’s business, his contributions come to nothing.

“I can pour my blood, sweat and tears into something, and help grow it, make it successful and be on the path that I enjoy. That got pulled out from under me for no fault of mine and that didn’t sit very well with me. So that’s where I really started looking into the concept of owning a business and the concept of being the type of business owner and employer that would never do that to someone else.”, shares Tony.

The West Chester PA Car Wash Business Owner

Once he decided to own a business, Tony did a thorough research. After looking into 20 to 25 different business opportunities, he chose DetailXPerts because of its social consciousness aspect. It has a different and new concept of cleaning cars; has a relatively low startup cost; and it’s perfect for his location.

But what sealed the deal for him was meeting the owners of DetailXPerts, Emmanuel and Angela Williams.

“What really made it real for me and made me say this is what I wanna do was meeting with Angela and Emmanuel, very genuine people. Emmanuel, his commitment to this concept is infectious. I think it’s awesome and Angela has a ton of business experience and is very confident and they just seem like really good people and look like they’ll be good partners long term.”, Coyne reflects.

Tony is confident he will make it big in his area because his new West Chester PA car wash has a high competitive advantage: a good, timely and efficient product from a company with sound environmental values.

“[…] the fact that we’re mobile, and we go to the customer, and we don’t need anything of the customer’s, we don’t need their power source, we don’t need their water source, we basically do the job, and at worst case as long as we can park a car, we can go to a customer and do a job, and not leave any sign that we were there, I think that’s a huge competitive advantage.”, summarizes the owner of DetailXPerts of Chester County PA.

The Transition

Tony finds the transition from an employee to an entrepreneur pretty comfortable. He is filled with excitement and enthusiasm for what lies ahead – being the decision-maker and recruiting people.

He’s hired Everton Whyte, an expert for his auto detailing business. He has been running a mobile detailing business for the past five years and is a proponent of the steam concept. With 25 five-star reviews, Everton is considered on Yelp to be the absolute best mobile detailer in the Philly area. Initially, he will be the lead technician and will train all new techs.

Tony’s advice to those who want to become a DetailXPerts franchisee: “Have a little bit of an idea based on your marketplace or the research that you’ve done on what areas of the business you have to focus on. Believe in the concept. Not using water to clean a car because we use steam is the deal.”

Aside from car wash and auto detailing, West Chester PA car wash will be offering hand car wash, interior car detailing, fleet wash, truck wash, mobile truck washing, semi truck cleaning, truck washouts and other car and truck washing services in Chester County. They are equipped with trained professionals who took seminar sessions on eco-friendly mechanisms and proper handling of car cleanliness issues. For inquiries and special rates, call them at 484-674-6360 and schedule an appointment right away!

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