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5 Things to Consider When Getting Car Wash Insurance

5 Things to Consider When Getting Car Wash Insurance

There are many factors you need to consider when starting your own car wash business. It doesn’t matter if you’re opening a new car wash, considering coverage for the first time, or just want a better policy; it would be wise to start searching for car wash insurance. Each time someone visits your car wash, the possibility of getting minor flaws and issues are unavoidable.

From bad weather conditions and vandalism to utility malfunction and power loss, having a car wash business can cover almost anything. You may think that your auto wash business is already covered by general business insurance. Although this insurance policy may cover damage to your property, only an auto wash insurance policy can fully protect you.

The Importance of Getting Car Wash Insurance

A car wash insurance policy will protect you against losses due to damage to your property or a customer’s property. So don’t let another car pass through your services without knowing that you are protected from potential claims. Here are 5 things to consider when getting car wash insurance:

  1. Research and Solicit Competitive Quotes. Set aside at least an hour for this task. You can begin with online services. If you go to an online site to get a quote for an insurance rate, you can type in your information and begin to build a list of companies for reasonable quotes. If a recommendation from friends and family or other research points to a company that you think might be a winner, you can go directly to its website or call its toll-free number to get a quote. Each quote form takes about 15 minutes each to complete.
  2. Liability Protection. Liability protection is an important aspect of car wash business insurance. As states, each time someone drives through your car wash or maneuvers a high-powered sprayer by hand, you could be held liable for possible damages and injuries. When that damage hits a brand-new car, you could be looking at an expensive repair or replacement. This is also applicable to any kind of injury the car driver/owner might suffer. If one of the cleaning mechanisms comes off track and breaks a window, that’s one expense. However, if the driver’s face is injured by the glass, you could be looking at thousands of dollars in liability. In addition, your car wash insurance needs to include a liability coverage limit for customers who use your tools like sprayers and scrubs. Regardless if it’s the customer’s fault or not, or whether there are adequate warnings around your business perimeter, if someone slips and gets seriously hurt, that person may take legal action. You need commercial car wash insurance to protect against a potential lawsuit payment as well as court costs.
  3. Actual Property and Car Wash Business Insurance. When disasters happen and you need to close your car wash business for a period of time, you need insurance in order to recover your losses. When heavy rain and lightning appear, you need to protect your business from the signs out on the street to the actual structures of your car wash. One of the common mistakes car wash business owners make is not purchasing coverage for replacement costs. Can you afford to replace a damaged mechanism or protect against calamities, fire and vandalism? Get your business protected by choosing the right car wash insurance for you. If a disaster does occur and a claim is necessary, an important way to simplify the process is to present references and good records, especially if there is a loss of income. For example, there’s a fire at Company A and they have a loss of their income for three or four months. They need to prove what their previous income was prior to the incident by presenting good financial records of their income stream.
  4. Employees’ Compensation. Although fewer and fewer car wash businesses have employees these days, there are still some that do. If you have employees, you’ll need a workers’ compensation policy as part of your commercial car wash insurance. This keeps you from being financially liable for on-the-job injuries. We all know accidents do happen, so it’s extremely important that you’re always prepared. It is also legally obligated for employers to take care and to assure that their workplaces are safe for everyone. As you start to put together all the different aspects of your coverage, you may want to look at some general business insurance policies that include many of these aspects. You can often save money this way. And you will definitely save money by comparing different policies. Regardless of who was mainly responsible during the accident, workers will receive benefits. In the unfortunate event of accidental death, worker’s compensation insurance will provide death benefits for the worker’s dependents.
  5. Protection from Crime. What happens when someone steals your tools, inventory or your office computer? You need car wash insurance to cover it. A business owner policy has some of the same coverage as homeowner’s insurance — it protects you from theft and liability, for instance, and has added features that only a business owner needs. When you opt for insurance that pays “cash” or “actual” value, what happens is you recover the actual value or worth of the stolen item without depreciation. Replacement value policies cover the cost of buying an equivalent new computer, tools or whatever else was taken.

Car Insurance Gives You Peace of Mind

We all understand that business itself is a risky proposition so it is vital to protect your business with car wash insurance. Car wash insurance gives you the peace of mind and economic stability that is essential to operate a business smoothly. You’ve worked hard to build your business and keep customers coming back. You don’t want to lose that in the case of a risk that you didn’t see coming.

If you need assistance in choosing the car wash insurance for your business needs, please feel free to visit our website at DetailXPerts car wash business. We will be here to answer all of your questions and walk you through every aspect of the business process.

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