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5 Reasons to Invest in a Car Wash Franchise

5 Reasons to Invest in a Car Wash Franchise

As a starting entrepreneur, you are wary of how to invest your money. After all, saving up on a lot of lattes, using your home’s insulating system less often or missing out on some of your favorite concerts or hobbies took you sheer will power and determination. How about investing in a car wash franchise?

Why Investing in a Car Wash Franchise Is a Good Idea

Why should you put your money in a car wash franchise? How about buying a car wash for sale? Isn’t the car wash industry on the decline? Well, latest car wash statistics show that the industry is picking up after the recession and is actually moving upwards. Not to mention that as a car wash franchisee, you will get the following benefits:

1. You Learn the Tools of the Trade From the Experts

Starting a business from scratch is exactly that – you begin with nothing, no experience aside from a few articles that you have probably read on car wash websites, advice from friends and colleagues and explore your business through a series of trials and errors which can sometimes be too costly. Those costly mistakes will be minimized or even eliminated when you opt for a car wash franchise instead. These companies will send experts who have been trained based on a tried, tested and refined system. They, in turn, will teach you and your staff on how everything should be done and reinforce your newfound skills until they deem you capable of doing things on your own.

2. You Face Less Financial Risk

A car wash business takes more than a set of pails, a pressurized nozzle and auto detailing supplies to succeed. It needs a good location, a building and the right car wash tools and equipment which may require you to shell out anywhere from $700,000 to $1,000,000. A car wash franchise, on the other hand, will not cost as much. For instance, the franchise cost for a DetailXPerts business starts at as low as $103,500. This will leave you with enough resources to tide you over and spend for business necessities until your car wash is able to sustain itself.

3. You Enjoy the Loyalty of an Established Customer Base

Ask any businessman about customer loyalty and he will probably tell you that it is one of the hardest things to obtain and maintain in a business. But not in a car wash franchise, where there are already existing customers who seek for the brand they have come to love and identify with.

4. Your Franchisor May Help You Get Financial Assistance

It is a given factor that businesses, even the most stable ones, sometimes need financial help due to various reasons. Being the sole owner of your car wash will not be attractive to investors, but being a part of an established franchise system will. There are also instances when franchisors can allow you to do credit with them, for an added fee, of course.

5. You Get up-close and Personal With Prestigious Brands of Cars

If you are like most of the car wash owners that I know, one of your reasons for choosing the business is because you love cars – especially the luxury ones – Ferrari, Lamborghini, Buick – name it, and you will have the chance to touch them and feel their beauty even if you do not own one.

But here’s a thought – luxury car owners love their cars so much that they are willing to spend a lot of money to have them washed and detailed – only in car washes that have earned their trust and loyalty. They do not entrust their prized possession to unknowns. They only take them to big name shops that are known for the quality of their materials and services. Yes, this is definitely one of the best reasons to invest in a car wash franchise.

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