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5 Profit Center Services You Can Offer to Increase Revenue

5 Profit Center Services You Can Offer to Increase Revenue

You made a sound financial decision and decided to venture into the car detailing industry, and now business is booming. What is the next big step for your business? There will be many avenues open to you, and they all resonate the same idea – expansion. The car detailing industry offers so many potential opportunities to include profit center services. All you need is a creative idea, a sound business plan, the necessary resources, and you are good to go. Here are five ideas for profit center services to get you started.

Profit center 1: Specialty detailing services

Your customers are car enthusiasts who want the best for their precious automobiles, so it is natural that they are on the look-out for the newest detailing products, techniques and technologies to enhance their appearance and performance. When they come to you for more than the regular wash and wax, be prepared to offer to meet their needs. Not all car detailers offer specialty services, so they are a sure profit earner if you decide to add them to your service menu. Make your car wash brand a front runner in this competitive industry while earning high profits. Here are some specialty services to revamp your auto detailing service menu:

1. Tire detailing and dressing

2. Upholstery cleaning and detailing

3. Steam cleaning

4. Air sanitation

5. Paint correction

Profit center 2: Mobile detailing

A customer of yours simply does not have the time to bring his car to your auto spa, but he does not want to put off getting his car detailed either. As his professional detailer, what solution would you offer to resolve this problem?  The answer is mobile detailing. All your customers will come across the above problem at one time or the other, so mobile detailing will attract their attention. Your first customers will be those who are pressed for time, but gradually when they come to enjoy the perks of mobile detailing, it will be a sure hit.

Promote your service much like your car detailing service. Convince your potential customers why they can benefit from your new service: offer discounts to customers who will use your services.

Profit center 3: An all-inclusive car detailing package

An all round package means your customers don’t have to face the hassle of calculating costs for each service they wish to purchase. Moreover, it could be profitable for them rather than paying for services separately. When customers inquire about your best and most expensive car detailing package, be specific. Let them know upfront what they are paying for. Emphasize the superior quality of the products that’ll be used and that their car will be taken care of by your best professionals. Car owners, especially those who own luxury cars, do not spare any cost when it comes to detailing their vehicles because they understand that their high end vehicles need a detailing service that matches it. Not only high end vehicle owners, but others may be interested in pampering their vehicles to the fullest extent once in a while. Have this detailing package ready to be offered to them.

Profit center 4: Detailing for different types of vehicles

Have you ever considered offering detailing of vehicles other than automobiles? Variety can turn out to be just the break your business needs. Analyze the type of vehicles that are prominently used in your area and offer detailing services for them. Convert your car detailing service to an auto detailing service. Whether it is detailing motorbikes, trucks, boats or buses, it is sure to give you an edge over your competitors and garner you bigger profits.

Profit center 5:  A pet wash

According to the Humane Society of the United States, 62% of the North American population have at least one pet in their household. So wouldn’t a pet wash be a popular and profitable addition to your car wash? Car owners who do not wish to face the hassle of detailing their cars can sure use a hassle-free service to bathe and groom their pets, too. Because some customers cherish their pets as much as their cars (or sometimes even more!), chances are they won’t think twice about spending money for the well-being of their furry friends. Furthermore, it will attract non-automobile owners as well, thus growing your customer base.

If you wish to open a pet wash, you have two options: self-service or professional pet grooming. You can start with a self-service pet wash and later on expand it to include professional services. But the choice is yours if you’d rather go for a professional service from the beginning. While training your employees in this art or hiring certified pet groomers may incur an additional expense, the revenue you earn will exceed those expenses with a high margin.

Profit center services are a strategy to attract more customers to your car wash business and to boost the productivity of your employees to reach your ultimate goal – reaching a higher profit margin. They are popular among car wash owners, employees and consumers because they are mutually beneficial, and such popularity can never go wrong.  Now that you have a few ideas for profit centers, take your time to decide which profit center services you would like to specialize in and which options are the most viable.

Want to learn more about how car wash profit center services work? Check out the DetailXPerts franchise opportunity page, click the green “Request more info” tab at the bottom and we will get back to you with detailed information.

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