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5 Deadly Sins New Car Wash Franchises Must Avoid

5 Deadly Sins New Car Wash Franchises Must Avoid

Before you plunge into the world of car wash franchises there is a lot to consider. You might think you are ready to sign those franchise papers, but make sure you do not commit the same mistakes made by failed franchisees. Here are 5 deadly sins that new car wash franchise owners must avoid.

1.    Lack of Research

What most failed franchises have in common is the lack of research of the franchisee. Franchises often fail simply because the franchisee has not researched the marketplace and how their franchise will fit into it. The success of your new car wash franchise business won’t just happen; you need to work for it. Researching the franchise company and the car wash franchise business in general is the first task you should do. Research accurate and sufficient information about the various car wash franchise opportunities available in the market and look into the business track record of successful car wash franchises to find out details about its automotive franchise operations. As the owner of a new car wash franchise, a useful exercise is to visit another franchise site and talk with other franchise owners. Ask them what works and what doesn’t work in their system and take note of any business flaws. From such information you can evaluate the car wash franchise you are interested in and get an initial assessment of whether this might be the right one for you.

2.    Not Understanding the Business

If you think you can simply open your new car wash franchise then sit back and relax, think again. Franchisees who think opening their car wash franchise is the hardest part are often the ones who fail. Opening your new car wash franchise requires your full attention, and as a new franchise owner you need to be hands-on to learn all aspects of the business. Devote 100% of your time to the operation of your car wash franchise to truly understand the business. As the franchise owner you need to be present at the franchise daily in order to develop your skills. Enhance your management skills by working closely with the staff; be involved in handling financial concerns. If you don’t understand the business, consider taking classes that can teach you business management to ensure the success of your new car wash franchise.

3.    Taking Resources For Granted

Resources, including your staff, equipment and the potential of your location, are all equally essential to your new car wash franchise, and taking these for granted will surely hinder the success of your business. Owners of failed franchises have often placed too much responsibility on staff, cut costs by using standard equipment, and not used the franchise’s location to the full advantage. Your staff is an integral part of your business operation, so it’s very important that they are well compensated and highly skilled in order for the business to be successful. Learn leadership and additional people skills to manage your employees well.

Another resource you cannot disregard is your equipment. Invest in quality and state-of-the-art equipment rather than the standard, ordinary equipment that other established car wash businesses in your area may already have. The final resource to consider is location. Your location will guarantee your ‘walk in’ customers so you need to maximize its spot to the full potential. A good franchise owner will always look at ways to enhance visibility even if the business is located in a prime spot.

4.    Afraid of Growth Opportunity

Never be afraid to implement schemes employing the latest strategies and technologies. If you do not evolve and change, the world will pass you by. Successful car franchise businesses did not sit waiting it out; often, the ones who didn’t take the risk are the ones who saw their business fail. Carve out your niche in the industry and fill it out. Innovative ideas can be your asset – be prepared to learn the online trends, new social media strategies and SEO marketing plans to boost your new car wash franchise’s profit.

5.    Cutting Costs to Increase Profit

As a new car wash franchise owner, the worst thing you can do is cut costs and/or services out of your model to increase or maintain profits. An example of this is curtailing on service hours. When you compromise the customer experience, your customers walk out on you! It is best to find ways of increasing or maintaining profits in a more productive manner. If you do things right, and do them in a faster, better, and more creative way, your new car wash franchise is sure to succeed. As business experts would advise: “You cannot do more with less.”

Indeed, starting a new car wash franchise can be overwhelming. That is why it is very important to partner with the best in the car wash industry. DetailXPerts will guide you in formulating and implementing effective marketing strategies to establish solid positioning. Furthermore, DetailXPerts will teach you how to use industry knowledge appropriately and avoid mistakes commonly made by failed franchisees. From the very start you will learn new ideas of how to meet customer satisfaction effectively and increase your benefits and chances for success. There are various benefits derived from being a new DetailXPerts franchisee. The most important of all is you have a strong and well established framework and a dependable ally that will keep you from committing these 5 deadly sins.

So, if you think you’ve got what it takes to have a new car wash franchise business of your very own, check out the DetailXPerts opportunity and sign up for car wash success.

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