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3 Ways a Detailer Can Help Prepare Your Car for Winter

Prepare Your Car for Winter

3 Ways a Detailer Can Help Prepare Your Car for Winter

Winter is the hardest time to keep your vehicle clean. The cold weather makes it difficult to go outside and rinse it off, especially if the temperature drops below freezing. Instead, most people focus on doing everything they can before the cold rolls in. Prepare your car for winter by visiting a professional business.


Do It Yourself

There are a few tasks you can do yourself to prepare your car for winter. One of the biggest things people check before the cold weather are fluids.  Below freezing temperatures can impact your car significantly. Ensuring the fluids in your vehicle are full keeps everything running smoothly. Check the brakes, oil, anti-freeze, etc. before driving around.


Brakes and tires are the number one priority for safety. Check your tires to make sure you have sufficient tread for the snow and ice. If they are worn down, consider buying new ones before winter. Replacing the brake fluid will help keep your brakes from building up grime from the salt and debris on the road. Double check your brake pads and replace them if necessary.


Finally, new windshield wipers can help improve visibility.  Driving in snow and other inclement weather is hard enough without anything impairing your vision. Test your wipers before the winter to ensure they don’t need to be switched out.

Professional Car Waxing

Salt and debris damage the exterior and underbody of cars during the cold season. Driving down the road kicks up the sediments on the asphalt, thus hitting your vehicle in the process. The debris chips the paint and sticks underneath your vehicle. Applying wax in the fall prevents the salt from damaging your car. It creates a barrier between the outside elements and the car’s exterior paint.


A professional detailer can help with the wax application to prepare your car for winter. With the proper equipment and best products, the wax will last longer. However, most people suggest another wax application around mid-winter to ensure it stays protected.


Tire Dressing

Tires with tread will keep you from sliding across the ice but applying a dressing keeps the rubber moisturized and protected. The constant exposure wears down the tread; during winter this happens more quickly. Using a specific wax for the wheels creates a barrier to keep the salt from damaging the rubber.


A silicone-based dressing used on wheel wells prevents the buildup of snow and salt. This protectant works for your undercarriage and engine as well. Keeping the debris from sticking to your wheels and tires creates a longer-lasting finish.


Interior Treatment

Before cold weather rolls in, consider treating the inside of your vehicle to prepare your car for winter. Depending on the type of upholstery in your vehicle determines what processes you need to go through. For leather interior moisturize and condition the fabric before temperatures drop below 50 degrees. The cold cracks the leather if it isn’t treated with the proper products.


Cloth upholstery stains easier than most fabrics. During the winter, snow and water can create water damage on the seats and floors. To avoid this, allowing a professional to use custom products helps eliminate the problem. Detailers clean the fabric and interior before using specialized solutions to fight against stains.


Even with the cold weather here, it’s not too late to take your car to the professionals. Check out DetailXPerts, an eco-friendly, mobile auto detailing company. Our highly-trained technicians will prepare your car for winter and keep your vehicle looking pristine.


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