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10 Car Wash Myths That Put Your Car in Grave Danger

10 Car Wash Myths That Put Your Car in Grave Danger

10 Car Wash Myths That Put Your Car in Grave Danger

Since the car wash industry is packed with self-professed “gurus” offering tips on car care and maintenance, it is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate between facts and myths. To avoid putting your vehicle at risk, make sure to follow the advice of professionals only. In this article, DetailXPerts will bust 10 car wash myths.

10 Car Wash Myths Busted

1. Detergents Do a Better Job of Cutting Through Grease and Hardened Dirt

Detergents contain very abrasive chemicals, which make them ideal for cleaning extreme dirt and gunk. They can do the job, but shorten the lifespan of your car paint. Not only do they speed up processes like oxidation – they will also remove any protective coating on your car’s paint, like wax and sealant.

Invest in a pH balanced car wash soap or shampoo from a reputed brand to clean your vehicle. Steam cleaning is also a very effective and safe alternative for detergents.

2. Polishing is an Optional Paint Care Step

If your car paint is still dull, lifeless and has minute scratches and swirls even after waxing, then it is most probably because you decided to forego polishing. Polish is an abrasive product that is used to prepare the surface for waxing by removing paint defects and creating an even surface. If this step is omitted before waxing, you will notice that paint defects become more visible.

3. Air vents do not require cleaning

Unclean air vents carry a large number of disease-causing germs and are responsible for car odors that no air freshener can seem to get rid of. Steam is the best way to clean them, because its high temperature can easily destroy germs, bacteria, and viruses.

4. Automatic car washes are better for conserving water than hand washing a car

This is one of the car wash myths that become a fact only if you hand wash a car the wrong way. Of course a running hose will cause more water wastage than an automatic car wash with a water reclamation system in place. Not if you use the two bucket method. It is the most effective and water  way to safely hand wash a car.

As a professional car detailing service that specializes in steam cleaning, we use less than 1/3rd of the water used by automatic car washes. For every 40 gallons they use per car, we only use a gallon!

5. The engine does not require cleaning

Just because no one can see your car engine, you should not ignore its maintenance. A clean engine reduces incidences of engine fires and makes it easier for you to identify fluid leaks. Imagine a leaky engine covered in gunk and oil. How would you recognize the area of damage! A clean engine will also significantly increase the resale value of your car, because it shows that you take engine maintenance seriously.

6. A car that gets caught in the rain is as good as washed

Contrary to the popular belief, rain water is not clean water. It contains many minerals that can cause water spots on your vehicle. This is why we recommend using distilled water for car washing. If your car gets caught in the rain, it should be washed as soon as possible to minimize damage to the paint.

7. Any piece of cloth will work as a towel when cleaning a car

Paper towels, bath towels, diapers and old t-shirts are not meant for wiping a car because they can cause paint scratches. Invest in microfiber towels and chamois towels specifically made for auto detailing.

8. There’s no difference between car washing and detailing

Car washing and detailing are two very different processes. Detailing is more expensive and time consuming because these professionals thoroughly examine your car and then assess its needs. Detailing involves processes such as claying, polishing, waxing, glass cleaning, tire cleaning and even interior detailing. Washing is a process that you find at automated car washes that offer a simple 10 minute exterior wash.

9. You can fix deep paint scratches by watching a YouTube tutorial

Fixing deep paint scratches requires both advanced skills and knowledge. Wet sanding and machine polishing the area of damage and then applying the primer, base color and the clear coat are not simple feats. These steps are best left for a professional hand because a simple mistake can cause damages that require hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of repairs.

10. The clear coat provides sufficient protection to the paint

The clear coat is actually a very delicate paint layer that damages very easily. There are different auto detailing products that offer additional paint protection:

  1. Wax
  2. Paint sealant
  3. Car paint protection film
  4. Glass coating

These products will definitely expand the life of your car paint and ensure that it remains in top condition.

These 10 car wash myths can do a lot of damage to a vehicle. This is why every car owner should be aware of them. Do you need professional help to restore your car to its original state? Schedule an appointment with DetailXPerts. Your car will be in good hands because our professionals always observe accurate detailing practices and never put your car at risk.

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