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Polish Your Car to Prevent or Solve These Problems

Polish Your Car to Prevent or Solve These Problems

Polish Your Car to Prevent or Solve These Problems

There are many misconceptions about polishing as a car detailing procedure. The most popular one is that polishing and waxing are similar processes; that the former should be discarded in favor of the latter because it has more benefits. Polishing, however, is not confined to the paint as there are other parts of the vehicle that require it, too. When you polish your car, what issues will be resolved, or most importantly, prevented? Let’s find out.

Why Should You Polish Your Car?

Polishing provides solutions to a variety of vehicle issues like:

1. Paint imperfections such as scratches, swirls, chips water spots, acid etching, etc.

Polishing is a very important step in car paint maintenance. It prepares the surface for substances such as wax, paint sealant, and glass coating to be applied. Since polish is an abrasive compound, working it into the paint will level out defects that cut into the clear coat and provide you with a smooth surface. If you don’t polish your car before the application of any of the above-mentioned substances, you will only end up with a substandard result – car paint that has hidden imperfections and improperly protected.

2. Scratches on the car windshield

The windshield is prone to scratches as any other part of the car, and polishing is the solution to it. There are glass polishing kits available in the market for purchase that come with detailed instructions on usage. Usually, the scratched area is isolated, washed and dried, and then the polishing compound is applied and buffed using a machine. This method can also be used to treat scratches on car windows. Not only will getting rid of scratches on glass improve the overall appearance of the car but also give you better visibility, thus preventing accidents.

3. Contaminants that dull the appearance of chrome

Chrome is used mostly in wheel rims and the car buffer or you may have a customized luxury car that is fully-chrome! While some cars may have real chrome, most today have chrome-plated plastic as a cheaper alternative. Road contaminants such as mud, dust, tar, and other dirt can easily dull the appearance of chrome. Cleaning chrome with steel wool, and then working in a polishing compound specifically made for metal using a piece of equipment such as a rotary buffer is the standard method to polish your car chrome.

4. Diminished appearance of the car

All the points we mentioned above have purpose that is common – improving the appearance of your vehicle. Don’t forget to polish your car regularly if you plan on maintaining an appearance that is the envy of other car enthusiasts.

5. Decreased resale value of your car

If you don’t take proper steps for car maintenance regularly, it will gradually fall into a state of disrepair. And when it is the time to sell it, finding a buyer for the price you are looking for will be a very difficult task. Polishing is one of those maintenance steps that will increase the resale value of your vehicle. Who can walk away from beautifully maintained car paint and shining chrome that adds a bling to the car?

Polishing is, as proven above, one of the most vital steps of car detailing. When it comes to paint polishing, make sure to follow it with an additional protective measure such as waxing or applying paint sealant because polishing strips away existing layers.

Do you need more information about automotive polishing? Contact DetailXPerts using our contact form or comment on this article. We will be happy to assist you.

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