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Why Using Car Steam Cleaning Services?

Why Using Car Steam Cleaning Services?

Steam cleaning dates a few decades back when a bar owner tried to clean a wine glass. A lipstick mark was on the glass and the bar owner tried to cleanse it off using the steam from his cappuccino machine. Amazingly, the lipstick was cleansed in no time at all. Every bar man would know how hard it is to wipe a lipstick mark off of a wine glass. So the first steam cleaner was roughly setup with a water tank, electric and pressure valve to make use the steam for cleaning. Here you will see why car steam cleaning is a good option for you.

How Does Steam Cleaning Work?

There are two different kinds of steam: saturated steam and superheated steam. Saturated steam occurs when steam and water are in equilibrium. There is a phase where as you continually heat water, it evaporates. But it will reach a point where some of the gas phase will condense. It is the point where gas and liquid water coexist. This is not good for cleaning as it will leave things wet. Manufacturing companies would opt to use superheated steam to go through their pipes or equipments to avoid corrosion; keep in mind saturated steam is more suitable for heating purposes.

Superheated steam is steam at temperature higher than water’s boiling point. It is produced when saturated steam is heated at constant pressure. There are lots of steam cleaners being designed and produced. When choosing one, choose the one that produces dry steam better known as superheated steam. Steam cleaning is known to be cleaning with gaseous water without waiting for it to dry.

Тhree Reasons Why You Should Use Steam Cleaning Services in Your Car as Well:

1. Effective

The high temperature of the steam helps soften dirt and makes it easily removable. Thisensures cleaning without the use of soap and harmful chemicals. Large manufacturing equipments are cleansed using high pressure. Cooling towers for example are cleansed by flushing high pressured waterthrough them, thus removing the accumulated scales. That’s why; using a high-pressure, superheatedsteam to clean your vehicle is the wisest and most reasonable way to go.

2. Safe and Health-Friendly

 Steam is usually used in laboratories for sterilization. It is used instead of soaps as laboratories need their equipments to be free from any unwanted particle or residue. Moreover, heat is also the easiest way to kill harmful bacteria and allergens. Using the same quality of steam to clean your vehicle raises the quality of your car washing. It is a safer way to clean your vehicles too as it eliminates the use of chemicals.

3. Eco-Friendly

 After a car wash, the water we use goes down the drain and back to our waterways. Furthermore, the usual car washes use soap and adds to our increasing concern of pollution. On the other hand, steam cleaning is an eco-friendly way to clean your vehicles.

Choosing the right services matters most. DetailXPerts’s professional detailing services are all by eco-friendly steam cleaning methods. Give it a try and I’m sure you’ll never regret it. Schedule your appointment now!


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