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What to Look for When Choosing a Franchise Business Partner?

What to Look for When Choosing a Franchise Business Partner?

What to Look for When Choosing a Franchise Business Partner?

Entrepreneurs are go-getters who have a tendency to do everything by themselves. Do you think this way? If yes, then you have the entrepreneurial spirit and this will serve you well. But running a franchise requires a lot of work, skills and resources to be successful. A franchise business partner can provide you with the needed support and assistance to help grow the business. What other characteristics should you look for in a franchise business partner?

Qualities to Look for When Choosing a Franchise Business Partner


Like anything worthwhile, running a franchise business takes a lot of work. The amount of work you put in determines what you will reap. Established franchises like DetailXPerts have a proven business process and system, but this does not mean it will run on its own. Everyday operations, customer management, sales and marketing are just some of the crucial tasks in running a franchise. Having a partner who works as hard as you means you’ll have someone that can handle his fair share of the duties.

Willing to Learn

Working hard to make a franchise successful not only means putting enough time. It also means learning how the business runs. Your franchise business partner should not limit himself or herself to one area that they are comfortable with. From office work to physical jobs, a franchise has many “moving” parts and it would be best if an owner knows how these work. You could eventually hire a manager or staff once the franchise is profitable, but until then you and your business partner should be ready to get your hands dirty.

Respecting Established Systems

One of the most valuable feature of a franchise is its proven and successful business system. An established franchise would have solid foundations leaving only a few, if any, points for improvement. Your chosen business partner should be someone who can follow this system. Although having some creative flair is admirable, you and your partner should trust the franchise and resist deviating from the business system. This specific quality is what particularly  makes veterans good franchisees.


If you want to be successful in the automotive service industry, patience is an important virtue to have. You and your partner should be patient with the growth of the business. Your franchise business partner should not be setting unrealistic expectations and ROI targets. This is a business, not a quick money grab.

Patience is also twice as important in service industries like automotive repair and detailing. It is very likely that you will encounter your fair share of “difficult” customers. You and your partner must be able to keep a professional demeanor when dealing with these type of customers.

You will be dealing with a lot of customers when you own a successful automotive franchise like DetailXPerts. If you have trouble handling criticisms and irate customers, then you should choose a partner that communicates well and keeps his or her cool. Customer interaction is a key component of your business and building a positive reputation with clients will lead to more sales.

Good at Networking

Although your franchisor will support you in marketing, you will be responsible for attracting and dealing with customers. A nationally (or even internationally) known franchise can generate business by virtue of its brand equity. But getting a business partner who is naturally good at networking will help increase sales. Networking with the local community of your franchise area is important in promoting your business. If you are not comfortable with socialization, it would be best to get a business partner with this skill. It would also be a plus if your partner lives within or is familiar with your franchise area. You can leverage the trust and familiarity that your partner has with the community.

You could negatively affect your business when you try to do everything by yourself. The operative word is “try” because if you don’t have the ability, then you are not doing what is best for the business. Having a franchise business partner allows you and your partner to focus on the most efficient use of talent and time.

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