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3 Mistakes People Make When Having Vehicle Steam Cleaning Done

3 Mistakes People Make When Having Vehicle Steam Cleaning Done

Everyone has a vehicle these days. And every vehicle needs cleaning. Common knowledge says that a clean vehicle functions well. The cleaner the vehicle, the better its performance.

Detailing gives vehicles a sparkling new look and beauty. The process involves dusting, vacuuming, deep cleaning, surface rejuvenation and polishing.

Traditional dusting and vacuuming of the vehicle and washing with water are good methods of vehicle cleaning. However, this takes time and consumes a lot of water. To get rid of heavy dirt and stains from the interior and exterior of the vehicle along with conserving water, steam cleaning is recommended.

This is why more vehicle owners are resorting to the eco-friendly steam cleaning method nowadays. Done right, steam cleaning can provide you with multiple benefits. But how do you do steam cleaning properly? What should you pay attention to when using steam to clean your vehicle?

Below is a list that can help you out.

Using Steam to Clean Your Vehicle: What to Pay Attention to?

Avoiding Injuries

The main dangers associated with steam are burns or scalding of the skin. To avoid these, learn to control the steam cleaner’s temperature. It should not go beyond 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, it is possible to control the temperature if you use steam cleaners of standard make that have temperature control valves.

It is also highly recommended to wear protective clothing. Gloves can keep your hands safe and a face shield can ward off heat that can scald your face. Non-slip boots not only protect your feet from chemicals that may accidentally get thrown over; they can also prevent you from slipping on wet floors. An apron, on the other hand, does not only protect your clothes; it also adds a layer of protection for your body.

Electrical Outlets

Stay away from plugs, sockets and electrical equipment of the vehicle while cleaning with steam. Better to dry and cover all the sensitive and electrical items before the process. Place non-slip mats on the floor if there is danger of getting wet. If a steam cloud appears, stop working and wait for the cloud to dissipate before resuming.Using Steam to Clean the Car - Cloud of smoke

In addition, the detailer has to ensure that water does not enter the engine, air intake or the distributor cap of the steam machine if so equipped. Also, he has to make sure the wand of the steam cleaner is kept moving all the time. Otherwise, the high steam pressure can remove the vehicle’s paint and may injure the detailer.

Follow safety precautions advised by the steam cleaning machine manufacturers and professional detailing experts. Think seriously over what to pay extra attention to when using steam to clean your vehicle. If the cleaner says use rubber gloves or a face mask make sure to do so. There’s a reason why the precautions are printed on the steam cleaner. It is to keep you safe when using steam to clean your vehicle.

But if you want the best results, it is advisable to seek the help of professional detailing services. They have the experience and necessary training to provide you with better and safer car cleaning.

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