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Top 5 Products for Conditioning Leather in Your Vehicle

Top 5 Products for Conditioning Leather in Your Vehicle

Top 5 Products for Conditioning Leather in Your Vehicle

Choosing the right interior for your vehicle has become almost as important as the exterior. Drivers spend a large amount of their day inside their car and want to ensure they ride in comfort. For most manufacturers, leather interior is an upgraded feature available to buyers. However, the material is seen as a luxury for car owners so many people purchase this upgrade. To ensure the proper care for your interior, conditioning leather requires diligence to maintain the material.

Conditioning Leather – The Why

The first question most drivers ask themselves – why condition the leather? Over time, the material goes through the same wear and tear as everything else. For example, the constant exposure to people causes the seats to scratch and rip. However, the best solution to this problem requires proper maintenance. Conditioning leather keeps the seams from ripping and strengthens the material to withstand the wear.

Selecting the best leather conditioner allows you to ensure the right solutions are being placed on the material. Do some research before purchasing any of the products. Here are the top five products for conditioning leather that we recommend.

Top 5 Leather Care Products

1. Leather Honey Conditioner

As one of the highest-rated and longer-lasting products, Leather Honey sails into the number one spot. The solution works on all types of leather, including car seats. Additionally, the formula is waterproof and doesn’t discolor the leather after application. At a reasonable price, the only downfall to this product is the amount of time needed. This conditioner takes longer than other formulas to allow it to penetrate the material.

2. Leather Nova Conditioner & Cleaner

This solution acts as both a cleaner and conditioner. Leather Nova Conditioner and Cleaner allows you to save time when you care for your seats. Instead of cleaning the surface before beginning, this formula performs the job of both. It removes stains and dirt, while conditioning leather at the same time. However, this solution is not waterproof or weather-resistant, meaning there is no protection against rain or other spills. The product includes a microfiber towel for easy application.

3. Chemical Guys Leather Care Kit

For most car enthusiasts, Chemical Guys is a popular brand. Their Leather Care Kit includes both cleaner and conditioner in separate bottles. The formula is designed to penetrate the leather to condition it from the inside out. The cleaner eliminates stains and blemishes stuck on the material. Once the surface is clean, the conditioner needs to be applied with a microfiber towel. Overall, the kit is relatively inexpensive and a great investment.

4. Chamberlain’s Leather Milk Conditioner and Cleaner

This formula works on both old and new leather surfaces. Chamberlain’s Leather Milk Conditioner and Cleaner focuses on rejuvenating material that might have faded over time. The solution contains organic ingredients that gently condition the leather. In addition to the leather seat refresh, it also erases tough stains. With a gentle, natural scent, this product leaves behind a soft smell in the vehicle. However, this product costs slightly more than the others.

5. Meguiar’s Gold Class

Similar to the Nova cleaner, Meguiar’s Gold Class Rich Leather Cleaner and Conditioner does the job of both solutions. While cleaning stains and grime from the seats, it leaves behind a shiny finish. This solution is eco-friendly as well, meaning no harsh chemicals harm the leather or the environment. The spray bottle makes the product easy to apply. However, sometimes the formula leaves behind a slippery texture. Wiping down the surfaces with a microfiber towel can help avoid this.

Conditioning leather requires constant attention, as well as, the proper supplies. DetailXPerts, an eco-friendly, mobile auto detailing company specializes in interior restoration. Our highly-trained technicians use the best solutions to condition your leather and replenish the material. Schedule an appointment today.

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