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Starting a Mobile Car Detailing Business

Mobile Car Detailing Business

Starting a Mobile Car Detailing Business

You might have had your idea of starting a mobile car detailing business shot down many times in the past but if it is still needling at you; your gut feeling deserves some airtime. Mobile businesses might have been flying under the radar decades ago but we live in extraordinary times. A decade ago, you probably never imagined food trucks dotted all over our country, especially those that serve restaurant quality food. Yet, consumer demand has propelled them sky high and now, we are forever changed as to how we view mobile businesses.

What Needs To Be Done To Start A Mobile Car Detailing Business

Anyone can decide they want to sell their services but it is as important to figure out if there is a demand for them in the market. In other words, you have to do the market research as to what are the local demographics where you plan to start your mobile car detailing business; who is your target audience; is the local community receptive to independent businesses or do they veer more towards established brands such as franchises.

You too have to know what business concept best suits your strengths, how you like to work, what your strengths are and how you want your business to fit in with your lifestyle. Do you have the resilience and resolve to build the business from the ground up? Are you good at adhering to a preset system? If so, a franchise concept might be the way to go. It allows you to gain access to a pool of established resources but you cannot deviate from their processes and guidelines.

After you have decided on the above two steps, you need to create the business plan for your new venture. The plan will be your model on paper and as such, it has to include all the key aspects involved in the strategic planning, managing, marketing and running of your mobile car detailing business. This is a pivotal exercise to help you give legs to the idea in your head and turn into a full-fledged and thriving business.

Important Questions You Need To Ask and Answer

You may or may not have the deep pockets in starting a mobile detailing business, whichever the case, you will find yourself drowning in payments if you do not ask and get answers to the money questions from the start. Plus work out a practical arrangement as to how to manage your funds.

You need to know basics such as:

How much will it cost to set up the business concept I want to commit to in terms of initial outlay and working capital? Moreover, how much working capital is needed until the projected break even time frame? How much can I afford to invest? What are the various funding sources I have access to? What are the costs involved in using them?

Once that is out of the way, your next set of questions to be answered are strategic. You have to be clear about what it is you are offering as well as how to go about getting it across to your intended audiences.

What services will you offer in starting your mobile car detailing business? How will you package the service mix? How will you set the prices? Will you build your own website or will you hire a website marketing company? What is the most effective and affordable way to create brand awareness – what mix of traditional and new school media should you opt for?


Equally important are your front and back end operational queries as in – how much staff will you need to hire initially to help you at the start of your business? How long will the hiring process take – from posting the ad to actually training someone for the positions? What business licenses and permits; equipment, tools and accessories are crucial at the kickoff stage? Bear in mind your operations is the infrastructure of your business. It is what grounds your business and facilitates its ability to make profits and excel.

Whichever business concept you undertake for your mobile car detailing business, you need to be extra aware, organized and focused. You do not want to be caught out when rapid growth opportunity knocks at your door to find you not ready for the big time your gut has been hinting to you about.

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