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DetailXPerts is the world’s first eco-friendly steam car detailer franchise. Our unique patent-pending technology saves tons of water. Thousands of satisfied customers around the country and beyond its borders recognize its uniqueness, brilliant results and environmental friendliness.

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How to Start a Car Wash Franchise

How to Start a Car Wash Franchise

You have made a decision to start a car wash franchise. You want to be safe and grow over time. You know that business conditions are not conducive. They economy is not showing any upswings. You just can’t think of risking your precious capital at this stage. Your friends have suggested to you many franchise businesses to choose from. Many of them do not match with your liking and flair.

You have seen many ups and downs in the market place. That is why you have made your own criteria to choose from many available franchises. Your primary criteria of choosing a franchise business are large consumer demand, and low initial investment. You may also not want to pay any recurring royalties as you grow and earn higher revenues.

From your past experience, you know that it is easy to sustain in slump when you are in a business that is need driven; in contrast want driven businesses are difficult to sustain during recession. Your stricter criteria restrict you to a few choices. A car washing franchise emerges to the top of your list meeting your criteria.

Car washing and detailing is a huge business. It is a need based consumer business. Everybody needs to wash and clean their cars periodically regardless of their earnings and status. The fact remains that US car wash industry is a $24+ billion business. More than 135 million vehicles run on the roads of the US. You need a very small fraction of this overall business.

The following are the reasons for you to think about a car wash franchise:

  1. Less Work Force: Manpower requirement is minimal.
  2. Run Smoothly: Your money is not blocked on any stock/inventory.
  3. Earnings on day one: Startup time is very short and you start earning from the first day of operation.
  4. No Hassles: Car wash business runs strictly for the payment on cash basis. Your precious time is saved off in raising invoices and collecting receivables.
  5. The ROI:The return on investment is excellent.

You are done with your most crucial decision as you decide to go for a car wash franchise and join DetailXPerts. Their years of experience and innovation have made them a thriving brand in the car washing business. The use of steam replacing water for car cleaning has put them in the forefront. Steam wash offers many benefits over traditional wash. The car is cleaned with safe steam temperature of around 177 degrees F safeguarding the gloss and texture of the surface. It preserves finish of exteriors and interiors of the car as fresh as original. Customers get fascinated with such cleaning methods and keep coming to them.

You may want to start a car franchise with DetailXPerts. In return you get a proven business model, an established brand, and a full service backup. With DetailXPerts you get assistance from start to finish including training, business operations guidance and marketing support. You don’t need any business experience to join DetailXPerts because they also give you business training; nor you need to have any knowledge about auto industry because DetailXPerts will teach you a complete method of auto detailing.

DetailXPerts trains franchisee and guides them in operational aspects to run the business successfully. DetailXPerts, a steam based car wash business, charges a fixed monthly fee and does not charge any royalty based on revenues. DetailXPerts can turn your business fortune and put you into high trajectories of growth, which you always cherish for.

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