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Self-Serve Car Wash or Touch-Free Car Wash – Which Is Better in Winter

Self-Serve Car Wash or Touch Free Car Wash - Which Is Better in Winter

Self-Serve Car Wash or Touch-Free Car Wash – Which Is Better in Winter

It is already nearing winter and your car is in bad shape. You need to take it to the car shop so that your detailer can determine the best course of action to take when cleaning it. But before you do that, ask yourself: should you go for an ordinary self-serve car wash, or should you try the touch-free car wash for a change?

We all know that winter is a hard time for our vehicles. The combined power of road salt and road muck can really de-beautify our cars and turn them into unrecognizable hulks of dirty metal. In fact, this twin concoction of bad stuff can cover your car from hood to undercarriage. Moreover it can prevent your regular car soap from doing its job properly. Paint can turn dull, and oxidation can set in.


Self-Serve Car Wash – More Efforts, Better Results

The good news is that with preventive maintenance, careful driving, and regular auto detailing, your car will survive long enough to see many, many winters.  Because your car is a significant investment, you want to get the best possible care for it, especially during a time when it is subjected to ever harsher weather.

But now car owners have more choices than just the old soap-and-bucket or hose routine when cleaning their vehicles. The auto detailing shop assistant might offer you the option to put your car through the touch free car wash bay if you want to try a newer technology. Eventually, he might even convince you to “trade up” and try it for a change.

While change is usually a good thing, sticking to your usual self-serve car wash habit is probably the better option during winter time. Your car will not receive the proper amount of attention it deserves in specific places unless you actually take matters into your own hands.

Touch-Free Car Wash Gives Satisfactory Results

Touch-free car wash system will still give you satisfactory cleaning results. However, it is nowhere near the level of meticulousness and care that you can achieve when you put in elbow grease in your own winter detailing efforts. As already noted before, winter is a really rough time for your car. You can see the dull film of dirty snow and road salt building up over your vehicle’s surface as you drive throughout the week. A quick soak and scrub at the touch free car wash bay can remove most of it, but you might notice traces of the film still left on your vehicle after the machine has  supposedly cleaned it.


So if you’re after a more thorough and careful approach to cleaning your vehicle during winter, the self-serve car wash is still the better option than a touch-free car wash appointment. The former gives you the freedom to pay attention to certain spots like your wheel wells and vinyl trim, and get rid of the clingy muck the way you want to. Join us on Facebook for the latest news and how-to’s.


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