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Returning a Leased Car – 5 Reasons to Detail It First

Returning a Leased Car – 5 Reasons to Detail It First

Returning a Leased Car – 5 Reasons to Detail It First

Have you ever rented a vehicle for an out of town drive, or simply leased a vehicle instead of buying a new one every few years? If you have done either, then surely you noticed how clean and well put together the rented car looked despite its mileage. Returning a leased car back in the same condition you received it is not always possible. Rental car companies put a lot of effort into ensuring that the vehicles they lease out are in good condition, both inside and out. That way, customers won’t hesitate to do business with them, plus they get a good return of investment from their vehicles.

Returning a leased car is not always as pleasant as when you first picked it up at the rental location. The car company may have a few questions for you, ranging from the mundane such as if the AC worked properly throughout the time you had it, to the outright weird such as if you upgraded the car’s stereo system without their permission. Your patience might be progressively wearing thinner the more questions are thrown at you.

So just to avoid this kind of unpleasant encounter with the car company, it might be a good idea to give back the car as clean and beautiful as when you got it. If the car company sees right away that you took good care of their vehicle, they wouldn’t ask too many questions anymore, and you’ll be well on your way to picking out your new leased car. Most lease contracts actually contain a clause or two regarding detailing the vehicle before returning it, hence the numerous inquiries.

Here are some of the reasons why detailing is important before returning your leased car:

Why Returning a Leased Car Detailed is Beneficial

    1. Get your deposit back in full. Your lease contract provides for a returnable deposit, but the car company may refuse to give it back in full if you fail to return the vehicle in nearly new condition.

    1. Avoid penalty charges for excessive wear and tear. If your security deposit is not enough to cover the costs for auto detailing and/or repair that the car company has to make on the vehicle you returned, be prepared to shell out more money for penalty charges.

    1. Make a good impression with a beautiful car. You’re driving around with the leased car, so you should have it detailed regularly even before the return date. The car might not be yours legally, but since you’re using it and benefiting from it, the least you can is to take good care of it.

    1. Preserve your good standing with the leasing car company. You chose this specific leasing car company because you believed in their brand, and they decided to do business with you because they thought you were a good customer. Preserve this amiable business relationship by doing your end of the bargain. They gave you a good car; return it in the same condition as when you got it.

  1. Swap your old rental for a new one without fuss. If you are returning your leased car, chances are you’re looking to upgrade to a new one immediately. Avoid the long-winded questions and nitpicky return checklist by simply returning a newly-detailed vehicle. This will keep your car company happy, and give you the chance to choose a new vehicle immediately.

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