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10 New Myths about Professional Detailing

10 New Myths about Professional Detailing

10 New Myths about Professional Detailing

Myths are fictional narratives of certain beliefs that lack scientific knowledge. Ignorance is the breeding ground of these myths and is found in every field of human civilization. Car detailing is not an exception with its professional detailing myths.

The first myth we come across in the detailing sector is the meaning associated with the word – automobile detailing. Some think of it as the routine work of servicing and others consider it as mere cleaning and washing of the vehicle.

Very few understand that automobile detailing is actually a cosmetic restoration and rejuvenation of the vehicle to make it look as new as possible.

Most people do not even know that their vehicle needs regular detailing. If they do, they have little idea that professional detailing services actually take away their toll of car wash and let them enjoy their leisure time.

Top quality professional detailing requires a thorough multi-stage process of intense cleaning, correcting, sealing and waxing the vehicle’s surface. The job requires many tools, in-depth detailing knowledge and a minimum of 5-6 human hours for the car to have the showroom finish you desire.

Ten Most Popular Professional Detailing Myths

  1. Cars do not require professional detailing. It is definitely not a myth but a reality if you do not own a car. Ironically, we own at least one and it invariably requires professional detailing for better performance and longevity. Home cleaning lacks this professional touch.
  2. Perfect detailing is possible only with water. Water wash is the traditional and only method available until recently. Now you can use steam to detail your car. In fact, steam detailing has more advantages over the traditional water wash method. It cleans the car thoroughly without consuming gallons of water. And it is eco-friendly too. Obviously, the idea of water detailing as the only alternative is a myth.
  3. Car wash detergents made from chemicals are safe and are the only cleaning material available for detailing. Chemical detergents and soaps are always hazardous to the paintwork of the car. They induce reactions with the chemicals of the paint resulting in unwanted discoloration and body toxicity. It is better if you use organic detergents which are inexpensive, safer and healthier for long lasting shine.
  4. Only a car mechanic can perform engine degreasing, greasing and oiling. Many car owners consider engine degreasing, greasing and oiling are specialty of the car’s showroom mechanic only. No doubt, this is a myth. An automobile detailer can oil and grease your car’s engine with equal expertise and efficiency as that of the car mechanic. He has to, if he details the car using traditional water pressure method that also removes the lubricants along with dirt and grime of the engine.
  5. Waxing completely heals car’s scratches. This is a strange belief. No amount of wax can heal the scratches on the car’s exterior permanently, especially those which are deeper. Waxing, in fact, only hides the scratches from showing clearly on the surface.
  6. You cannot clean and thoroughly dry interior leather work and upholstery. Another misconception. Water washing or traditional shampooing methods however are not that time-efficient for cleaning and drying the leather and upholstery of the car’s interior. Steam cleaning and enhanced drying techniques does the job in good time.
  7. It is not possible to repair the damaged carpet in detailing. This is also not true. A professional detailer can easily fix the damaged part of the carpet even if it has burns and holes. He cuts out the offending area with a razor blade or scissors. Then removes a similar-sized piece from a hidden spot, such as underneath the seat, and cements it in the place using a water-resistant adhesive.
  8. There’s no need for sealants. Sealants are definitely required if you want to make the normal wax four times more heat resistant. It also doubles the paint protection.
  9. You cannot clean wheels with steam. General belief is that wheels require only the powerful water pressure for cleaning. In reality, it is a sheer waste of precious natural resources. Steam can clean wheels equally well and can produce shine as if the car has just rolled out of the showroom.
  10. Detailing does not affect electrical and electronic components. It certainly won’t if you carefully use steam for detailing. Detailing with water has drawbacks since it can percolate even through the covers and can short circuit the electrical wires and electronic items. Steam cleaning is safer because moisture from steam dries up faster. Besides, it is environment friendly and gives you a lot of satisfaction for being a part of eco-conservation of our dear planet.

In order to be sure not to make mistakes with professional detailing myths –  visit a professional detailing services provider from time to time for better results in the long run! Request a quote for automobile detailing services with us – call 877-317-9737 for details.

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