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Professional Automobile Detailing – Top 5 Companies in US Researched

Professional Automobile Detailing Top 5 Companies in US Researched

Professional Automobile Detailing – Top 5 Companies in US Researched

Anyone can claim to be a professional at what they do; they may even have a string of credentials but how many actually deliver what they claim when it comes to crunch time? Many of you may have used professional automobile detailing for your four-wheeler pride and joy and had mixed feelings with the outcome. There are in fact, 50,000 such businesses in the US alone.

So, when it comes to knowing whom to go with, you have your work cut out for you and rather than a lot of hit and misses, here comes help on a handful that stand out.

Finding the cream of the “car detailing” crop

Regardless of whatever service we are seeking – medical, computing, accounting, decorating, designing or car detailing – the top three characteristics of the experience should be integrity, quality and reliability. And these can only be achieved when the service providers are knowledgeable, skilled and attentive to detail. Their quality of service will often be reflected in their popularity with customers and in the feedbacks provided.

Based on the above qualities, 5 such companies gravitate to the top. In alphabetical order, they are:,,, and

Los Angeles-based is an automobile detailing company that is into eco-friendly and environmentally safe processes as well as biodegradable, VOC Compliant products. They pull no punches and detail their services, package offers and prices on their website for your easy reference and budgeting. Their smart water consumption approach resonates with those concerned with our ecosystems as they “will recondition a car with less than a quart of water while avoiding runoff”.

The founder of Pittsburgh’s knows the ins and outs of the industry as he has been at it for over 26 years. The core of their detailing business has been consistently successful and unsurprisingly, their repertoire have expanded to include auto reconditioning, licensed training programs and seminars, and customer support to their. They are not a franchisor per say but they do offer training and guidance for those interested in starting their own business.

Michigan’s is a forward-thinking car detailing company, which will give your vehicle the spa treatment with their pioneer eco-friendly steam cleaning system. In keeping with their comprehensive sustainability commitment, they use cleaning methods and supplies that are as gentle on your car as they are on the environment.

And, for those seeking to go into business with their innovative methodologies, the company offers franchise opportunities too. They have certified accreditations with the Better Business Bureau, Eco Chamber, Energy Star Partner and Waste Wise.

North Carolina’s is a relatively new company but their straightforward, no nonsense and media-filled website gives a sense of what they offer the quality of service potential customers can expect to receive. They are in the process of a gift certificate campaign launch.

Employee-owned has been around for over five decades and has a reach that is as wide as it is deep. Through the years, they have constantly evolved their products and technology to meet the growing needs of motorists. Their business is spread across 400 locations and in 30 countries. They have also won many awards in their role as a franchisor.

The right fit for you and your car

All in all, the above 5 companies exemplify their values and expertise, packaged in innovative or more traditional ways. When it comes to making a choice, it is up to you as to what features, concepts and value systems jives best with you on a personal level.

Suppose green and sustainability concerns top your list, then, choose visionary companies like Alluredetail and DetailXPerts. And if you plan on detailing your vehicles regularly, opt for those with gift certificates or credits of sorts that go a long way to getting the best value for your money. DetailXPerts, ExclusiveDetail, Ziebart have some exciting offers worth checking out.

Cheaper does not always turn out better but there is always a best fit for you and your car when you take a step back to look at the bigger picture.


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