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Meguiar’s Scratch X for Car Enthusiasts

Meguiar’s Scratch X for Car Enthusiasts

Meguiar’s Scratch X for Car Enthusiasts

If your eyes always widen with interest when you hear talks about automobiles and you do not get tired of any type of car talk from car detailing to exterior car cleaning, you are indeed a car enthusiast! Every car enthusiast would love a product as revolutionary as Meguiar’s Scratch X. So, if you have not used Meguiar’s Scratch X, you are in for a big surprise!

Preventing car oxidation from happening is a big challenge for car enthusiasts as it is, in fact, an everyday occurrence, thus an essential component of exterior car detailing and maintenance. There are as many types of car oxidation as there are many ways to combat them. Oxidation of car paint is not a dead-end, however. Car enthusiasts agree that this dilemma can be repaired and prevented when using the right tools.
Meguiar’s Scratch X is a tough product but is gentle enough not to damage the surrounding areas where the dent happens to be. Meguiar’s Scratch X makes you trust that car scratch removers really work.

To remove fine scratches and swirls from automotive paint by hand using Meguiar’s Scratch X does not require any fancy applicator. It can actually erase light blemishes, delicate surface contaminants and oxidation blemishes without affecting the surrounding areas. At the same time, Meguiar’s Scratch X enhances paint color and clarity. Unlike other scratch cleaner products that cover/hide the blemishes or scratch the surface, Meguiar’s Scratch X erases the blemishes without creating additional damages onto your car.

Applying Meguiar’s Scratch X

To apply Meguiar’s Scratch X:
1.  Wash the car. This is to remove dirt on the surface before applying Meguiar’s Scratch X.
2.  Apply the product. You can use a terry cloth towel or any applicator to thoroughly apply it onto the area.
3.  Work until the blemish begins to disappear.
4.  Let it dry before wiping off excess product with your terry cloth.

What’s the difference with Meguiar’s Scratch X?

Most common scratch removers are indeed powerful enough to remove blemishes and oxidation but can also damage the surrounding areas, defacing your car exterior even before you have started repairing.
Meguiar’s Scratch X works differently. It has a diminishing abrasive that very gently rubs away the blemish and oxidation. Due to the microscopic size of the abrasive, it removes the paint surface slowly. It is at this point that the diminishing abrasive particles begin to break down. As this happens, they start polishing the surface, giving out a clear glossy effect. This revolutionary process can be done several times as may be necessary to achieve the desired cleaning and shine and can actually get rid of the blemish without leaving a scratchy, messy mark.

Testimonial: A Meguiar’s Scratch X User Speaks

A car owner from Sanford, FL, had to deal with a light scuff on the right rear fender of his Kia Optima. He was definitely pleased with the result after he used Meguiar’s Scratch X. He intends to use this product regularly and will definitely share this amazing product with his friends, as he quoted, “My car looks so much better!”

It is good to remember, though, that not all blemishes can be cured by a quick fix. It is always best to consult with your trusted car detailing expert, so schedule an appointment with us and we’ll be glad to help you out.

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