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7 Ways to Market Your Car Wash

7 Ways to Market Your Car Wash

7 Ways to Market Your Car Wash

Effective marketing for your car wash business begins with your enthusiasm, resourcefulness, and determination. Here are seven ways for you to market your business on a tight budget.

How to Market Your Business: 7 Ways

Get Involved

Get involved with the Chamber of Commerce and the environmental coalitions in your area. Your car wash enterprise could be recognized with some type of Business Awareness Award for showing great sensitivity to the earth’s environmental needs. Whether or not you receive an award, you’ll establish contacts within the business community which will no doubt help you grow your client list.

Business Website

Set up a business website and a Facebook page with a particular goal in mind: Strive to go viral! If you have a creative mind, create a photo or video which becomes an Internet sensation. Even if you don’t hit the coveted online lottery of going viral, you should at least end up with an engaging online presence which attracts and holds the interest of consumers. The more visits to your site, the better your chances of landing at the top of the first results page when a search is made for a local car wash.

Social Media

Get connected with environmental groups on various social media sites, which will help you to increase your exposure. “We Love Green Cars,” for example, is a site on Facebook which connects people devoted to going green. Participate in conversations on a regular basis, always including the link to your website. Set up LinkedIn and Twitter accounts to establish even more relationships with like-minded groups of people.

Virtual Videos

Create a brief, interesting video or series of videos to post on your website. Research proves that videos get higher ranking with search engines, and the majority of consumers doing local searches choose to visit sites which include videos. Another benefit of a video is that you are helping people to trust an unknown method of car washing.

Local Newspaper

Contact the local newspaper’s business news section about your innovative car wash business, selling them on the uniqueness of your service. Since steam cleaning a car’s exterior is essentially a new thing, there’s an excellent chance you will get the tremendous exposure which can result from cost-free newspaper coverage.

Attend Events

Set up a booth at any event that you can, particularly any type of gathering in your community which focuses on the environment. Be prepared with bright flyers and appealing discounts in exchange for e-mail addresses.

Visit Corporations

Visit large and medium corporations when the holidays are approaching. Offer to donate free or greatly discounted car washes as employee perks. Perhaps through e-mail addresses or sales pitch opportunities, try to gain access to busy executives who would appreciate the convenience of your service.

In order to market your business effectively, you have to plan out a course of action correctly considering the fact that the competition out there is at a staggering number. Although there are many options out there to choose from to promote your business, some may prove more profitable than others. Deciding which marketing methods will benefit your business is a crucial first step. Explore the 7 ways with DetailXPerts and we will be happy to help you with your opportunities. Schedule your one-on-one appointment  TODAY!

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