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How to Maintain a Vacuum Cleaner

How to Maintain a Vacuum Cleaner

How to Maintain a Vacuum Cleaner

Many car owners are very keen on keeping their vehicles shiny and clean.  However, they sometimes forget to take good care of the tools that they use for auto detailing. Your microfiber towels, upholstery tools, clay bar, brushes, and vacuum cleaner have to be maintained regularly. Using your cleaning tools and equipment without regard to their welfare will give them a short lifespan. So if you want to maximize every dollar you invested in that vacuum cleaner, wand or upholstery tool, you have to learn how to maintain them properly.

Your vacuum cleaner is actually does some of the toughest car cleaning jobs. It picks up dirt, dust, allergens, soil, food particles, trash, paper, pollen.

Vacuum Cleaner Workload

It is expected that your vacuum cleaner will also be picking up a good amount of sand from your seats and carpets. Moreover, it can collect even a shell fragment or two. That means lots of heavy duty work for the little handheld cleaner.

There is one very important rule to maintain a vacuum cleaner. It is to make sure that you take out by hand the biggest pieces of trash lying around inside your car. Crumpled paper, safety pins, bits of Styrofoam, and broken crayons have no business being inside your vacuum’s trash bag.
Your vacuum might have a strong enough suction technology to pick up these things and more. But you’re expending its power unnecessarily. Additionally, you might be causing damage to the unit’s inner workings if you keep on using it to pick up large, sharp objects. You might find yourself vacuuming your car one day, only to have the trash container burst on you because you accidentally picked up something that tore it from the inside.

Using a complete large garbage pickup at the start of every vacuuming job also increases the suction. Additionally it minimizes the possibility of dust escaping through the unit. Shake out the filter bag before every use. Тhen clean it with a small brush to dislodge deep-seated dust and dirt.

Assembling Components

For the more environmentally-conscious car owner, it is a good idea to ensure that the trash bag is full before emptying it out to make room for the next load of dirt. If your unit’s filter bag is reusable, wash them with a high-pressure hose. Allow them air dry completely before storing or fitting them back into the unit. Purchase an extra set that you can rotate with the original bags that came with the unit so you get the best results with every vacuuming chore.

Inspect your gaskets for any damage or looseness. You will lose significant vacuum pressure when the gasket is not coupled tightly with the rest of the unit. Lubricate the separator door gaskets with 100 percent petroleum jelly, WD-40 or LPS.

Good maintenance should not stop with your car. You do need to check your cleaning tools every now and then to ensure that they will give you the cleaning results you want.

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