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Jamba Juice Franchise – Top Choice for Health Entrepreneurs

Jamba Juice Franchise – Top Choice for Health Entrepreneurs

These days, finding a franchising opportunity you can relate with can be quite difficult. When we think about growing a business, we always make sure that it is aligned, not only with our lifestyle and personal preferences but also by our principles and advocacies. As someone who values health and fitness, you may be inclined to start up a business that can help people stay and healthy and free from diseases. Now, while there are available health entrepreneurship options out there – not a lot of these can be regarded as a premium investment.

One of the most popular health business opportunities out there is a Jamba Juice franchise. A lot of those who have ventured into this opportunity recognizes the fact that people are becoming more health-conscious these days. There is a growing market into developing a brand new lifestyle of detoxification and healthy living.

Putting a spotlight on Jamba Juice franchise, what is entailed in this kind of business opportunity? What are the requirements, fees and other things you need to know if you’re considering diving into this? Read on.

First off, for anyone who wants to establish a Jamba Juice franchise in their locality, experience in retail or quick service restaurants is an advantage. One must also possess a passion for the brand, as those who get in usually commits to four or more stores for operation. A relatively new concept, local market knowledge is essential in order to assess market competition, balance allocation, and project the capacity to manage operations and drive profitability.

In order to be a franchisee, you need to have an extensive backbone support. The company already offers holistic training program for the franchisee and his staff. There is a guide on how to manage the units to ensure that the business is growing and thriving. A regional manager is designated to your unit who visits your store on a regular basis. They are tasked to help you maintain smooth operations for your stores.

What is good about franchising Jamba Juice is that it is a flexible brand that can be installed as standalone shops or traditional locations such as universities and shopping malls. However, they require greater operational standards, high sales volume and sustainable business management is necessary. This is what the Jamba Juice Company instills to their franchisees – commitment to the brand and product. The principle is to patronize your own products. Give your brand your confidence and it won’t be hard to sell to people.

What Does it Take to Own a Jamba Juice Franchise?

Traditional units of the Jamba Juice franchise cost around $25,000 with discounted 5.5% royalty fee for those with four or more stores and 6% for less. They also impose a 2-4% marketing fee depending on the area or region the franchise would be installed. This implies that a business owner who wants to acquire Jamba Juice franchise must prepare around $280,000 to $465,000 for traditional units, $250,000 to $440,000 for nontraditional ones and $274,000 to $520,000 for nontraditional kiosks. Terms are renewable every ten years.

Jamba Juice franchise is available internationally. One of its advantages is that is a well-known broad across countries. In terms of market share, the products are consumed mostly by young adults, who are into active lifestyle and whose primary reason is to stay fit and healthy as part of their wellness program. However, it has a wider reception for all ages of population as compared to coffee businesses who are more attuned to an older demographic. Performance-wise, Jamba Juice franchise see more profit during summer, but nevertheless, gets sufficient market in cool weather precisely due to it being a healthy alternative to most foods out there. In terms of location, generally hotter locations are where Jamba Juice franchise thrives.

The selling point of the business, upon its start in 1990, is its genuine blend of juices. Since then, the company has grown up to 440 locations in US alone. In terms of long-term profitability and stability, the Jamba Juice franchise has a niche – a growing niche, in fact, that provides healthy substitute for its fast-food counterpart. The remarkable value of the brand is geared towards special nutrition, refreshing business nature which can potentially offer hot profitability.

As they say, nutrition counts especially in food and beverage industry. The chain puts premium to promotion of healthy living and is categorized as a leader in the market for such. In fact, due to their commitment to this, they support stringent, high standard nutritional guidelines, which include zero gram- transfat and does not allow preservatives or artificial flavors in any of its drinks.

It is important to be very skeptical if you are aiming to reach great profits. Study every business opportunity you are interested in, whether it be a restaurant franchise or a car detailing one. Go for the one that best fits you and you’ll be getting your ROI in no time.


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