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IT’S ALL IN THE DETAILS: Developing A Financial Plan For Your Truck Wash

IT’S ALL IN THE DETAILS: Developing A Financial Plan For Your Truck Wash

Read the latest from our LinkedIn column on the automotive, vehicle wash and detailing industries.

“It’s All in the Details” publishes every Wednesday.

This week’s column,

“Developing A Financial Plan For Your Eco-Friendly, B2B Truck Wash”

outlines the basic components of a financial plan for a truck wash business just starting out.

Developing A Financial Plan For Your Truck Wash

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The article discusses the importance of a financial plan and includes general rules of the thumb that should be followed when developing a plan.

The article also breaks down each component of the financial plan, providing formulas and defining key terms like profit and loss.

The article beseeches entrepreneurs and new truck wash business owners to seek out professional assistance when writing the financial plan. The final word defines the truck wash financial plan as a living document that can and should be adjusted and changed based on more information and actual numbers rather than estimates.

To read the entire article featured in this week’s LinkedIn column, click here. 


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